12 Things Most Home Insurance Does Not Cover

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Home Insurance is a great thing for all homeowners to have because it offers a lot of protection. From fire to hail to damages as a result of an electric surge, home insurance will give you coverage for damages resulting from many accidents that are out of your control. However, there are many exclusions that you may not even realize aren’t covered by your homeowners insurance.

 Home insurance 12 Things Most Home Insurance Does Not Cover

If you believe you need coverage for any of the things on this list, contact your insurance provider to see if your insurance covers it or if you need to set up a plan to get it covered.


  1. Earthquakes: While homeowner insurance covers damages caused from most natural disasters, earthquakes are not included in that coverage. In all states except California, you can get earthquake coverage added on for an additional cost.
  2. Floods: Like with earthquakes, flood insurance must also be purchased separately. Flood damages are considered problems resulting from things like an overflowing river. Flood insurance is especially important if you live in areas that have a high risk for flooding.
  3. Failure to Maintain Home: If you have problems such as insect and rodent infestation, cracking or damage from domestic animals, your insurance will not cover this because it is something that you need to keep under control.
  4. Vehicles: Vehicles like cars, boats or motorcycles are not typically covered by Homeowners Insurance, but rather by a separate policy.
  5. Theft or Vandalism: Problems resulting from theft or vandalism is not typically covered if your home has been left vacant for more than 30 days.
  6. Sewer Backup: While sewer backups can cause a ton of damage, standard Home Insurance does not typically cover them.
  7. Jewelry: Most home insurance will only cover jewelry that costs up to $1000 per item. If you have other valuable items like watches, rings or family keepsakes that are worth a substantial amount more than that, consider getting further coverage.
  8. Paperwork: Valuable paperwork like passports, deeds, photos, stamps and other legal documents will be reimbursed up to $1500 if they are destroyed. Consider moving very important documents to a safe deposit box so they aren’t in your home and at risk for being ruined.
  9. Injuries from Pools or Trampolines: You may want to consider purchasing an umbrella liability policy if you own either a pool or trampoline. Both of these outdoor add-ons can be extremely dangerous and will not be most likely covered by your home insurance.
  10. Dog Attacks: Not all policies will cover you if your dog attacks someone.
  11. Businesses: If you run a business from your home, you are not fully protected by home insurance. You need separate policies to protect your actual business beyond just the physical location.
  12. Hurricanes: Be cautious if your Home Insurance claims that it covers damage from hurricanes. Often times, if the water is what actually damaged your house during a hurricane, you actually need flood insurance to get the costs covered.


If you’re ever unsure, make sure to talk to your home insurance agent for details on what your policy covers and what type of insurance you need to purchase to cover certain aspects of your life.


Stephanie Wilmsmeyer is an insurance agent in Columbia, Mo, whose expertise lies in life, auto, home and renters insurance.


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