4 Common Public Liability Risks for Small Businesses

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If you’re a small-business owner hunting around for quotes on public liability cover, it’s worthwhile knowing the type of scenario that would put your business at risk for claims.

Here are 4 common risk scenarios for which members of the public can and do make successful liability claims. Keep in mind that public liability insurance does not cover claims by employees, vendors or investors. cash money 420x0 300x217 4 Common Public Liability Risks for Small Businesses

Slips and Trips

It only takes some spilled water on the floor, an unsigned step, or a loose carpet edge to cause slips and trips. Elderly customers can easily suffer broken bones or sprains. Even more ‘minor’ injuries can result in payouts if it’s deemed the business owner was irresponsible.

Ice and Snow

Poor winter care means more than slippery steps and walkways. It leads to cracked or broken pavements, which in turn can cause accidents. Remember that it’s the legal responsibility of the business owner to repair any pothole or crack one-inch deep or more.

If a customer or visitor is injured or suffers property damage due to ice and snow that should have been cleared, they are within their rights to make a claim, whether the incident occurred in a car park, or on the way into a shop.

Falling Objects

Perhaps of greatest concern to building contractors, this type of risk is also important for warehouses and shops with high-stacked shelves, from off-licenses to DIY stores.

Even if your business is not considered high-risk, special events like grand openings or letting out the premises should be carefully assessed and perhaps insured separately.


Shops, restaurants, bars and sports clubs should be careful where they place rubbish and recycling on the pavement so as not to block pedestrians or vehicles.

If the premises are being refurbished, ensure skips are lit at night.

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