5 Simple Ways to Safeguard Your Business Against Theft

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Security has always been an issue for any business enterprise. But what I’ve noticed is that we are more vigilant about our security at the beginning – as time goes on and there are no break-ins or intruders entering our premises, we become a bit less vigilant about protecting our property, and this, unfortunately, is the time when burglars and intruders suddenly decide to strike.

 lock 300x300 5 Simple Ways to Safeguard Your Business Against Theft

It’s a necessity to have adequate locks for doors and windows, but there are other significant aspects to our business security that we cannot ignore. The good news is that we can make our premises more secure in a myriad of ways without too much effort. What we can do is begin paying more attention to our physical security elements, and go on from there.


  • Secure your property’s entry points with the right padlocks and locks


When it comes to choosing the lock for your property’s various entrances and access points, the best kind is a double-cylinder deadbolt which is equipped with a removable collar. This deadbolt should be additionally equipped with a 1-inch throw that has a hard steel insert and a latch. In choosing a padlock, select one that is made only from extra-strength steel which is mounted on hasps that are bolted. Additionally, the padlock’s serial number should be filed off or hidden to stop burglars from potentially having a new key made.


  • Select outside and interior lights with adequate lighting and protection in mind


The lights in both the interior and exterior of your premises should give maximum visibility. Lights placed outside should also have covers which are resistant to vandals. The perimeter of your property should always be well lit, particularly near the entrances, and especially if it will be left unattended for long periods.


  • Choose the right doors and windows


The doors leading to the outside should be made from the most solid and hardy material, lined with metal, and additionally secured with a metal crossbar. The door jambs must also be of a solid make, and hinges which are exposed must be pinned. Windows should have locks which are secure, and you can also avail of window glass treatments such as security film installation, which can make them more resistant to burglars. To make it more effective, the window glass treatment should be used jointly with a sensor alarm.


  • Don’t neglect the perimeters and exteriors of your building


Securing the building itself is easy enough, but it is also important to pay attention to the exterior. The roof, cellar, and perimeter walls should be strong and sturdy, with no holes or vulnerable spots where intruders can enter. Avoid placing piles of boxes or bins near your building’s roof. If you have fences or walls, maintain as much visibility as you can to the entrance so any intruder will be easily seen.


  • Make use of a security alarm system


To have better peace of mind, it would be a good idea for you to make use of an alarm system. Alarms today are more advanced than before, giving you complete security and 24/7 monitoring as well as remote access from anywhere. Wireless alarm systems are highly recommended if you would like the benefit of an aesthetically pleasing yet reliable security system.



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