A Guide to Office Space in Indonesia

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As the third fastest growing economy on the planet, it’s fair to say that Indonesia holds a lot of promise right now. It is actually the biggest economy in the region of Southeast Asia. While its infrastructure and business communities are still developing, they are doing so at a remarkable rate and the country has become a magnet for foreign investors.


It helps that commercial real estate in its capital city of Jakarta is surprisingly diverse. Entrepreneurs have their pick of office rentals because the area is home to more than traditional long lease landlords. Visitwww.servcorp.co.id/en/ to check out some available options. If it’s flexibility that you’re looking for, swap the long lease for a negotiable deal.


This guide to the office spaces available in central Jakarta will give you a place to start.


Traditional Long Hold Lease


There is always the option to rent traditionally from a standard landlord. However, it should be pointed out that this is a less popular route than it used to be. The problem with long hold leases is that they’re very inflexible. Most actually ‘lock’ tenants in for three or even five years.


This creates big obstacles when it comes time to expand. It’s common for businesses to get stuck in unsuitable leases because landlords can legally charge them sizeable penalty fees for early termination. For this reason, alternative options might be better for young companies.


Coworking Facilities


Coworking spaces are a great option for solo-preneurs and small teams. They eliminate the need for a costly, full-time space by providing a shared suite. This ‘super office’ contains world-class software, technologies, tools, and equipment. Registered members can visit at any time.


Shared office space might be right for you if you feel drawn towardscollaborative environments. Increasingly, modern entrepreneurs are moving away from cold, impersonal workspaces and coming together to create, dream and innovate in beautiful, shared spaces.


Virtual Offices


Virtual offices share some similarities with coworking spaces, but they are not the same thing. There are some distinct differences. Virtual facilities aren’t designed to be accessed on a regular basis, as far as direct ‘in person’ visits.


Many virtual providers do operate physical workspaces within their facilities, but the idea is thattenants access resources remotely. For this reason, they are ideal for small businesses that currently have a home base and no formal workspace.


Serviced Offices


Finally, you’ll find a number of serviced offices in central Jakarta as well. They are unlike coworking spaces and virtual offices because tenants do pay to lease a private suite. There is no sharing of key resources here, apart from in canteens and leisure areas.


The special thing about these offices is that they come fully managed. The heating, lighting, maintenance, and cleaning requirements are handled by the onsite staff. Furthermore, the price of these things is included in the monthly fee. There isonly one payment for everything.


Finding a Great Office in Central Jakarta


Now that you know about the main options, you can start your search for a fantastic office in the capital city. Try to restrict your hunt to the best neighbourhoods in Jakarta. You may not feel like you can afford them, but serviced and virtual vendors are very competitive.


It’s important not to count yourself out of these areas, as even the most luxurious serviced offices have manageable rates. Don’t forget that you’re not paying anything extra for utilities or maintenance if you choose one of these fully managed facilities.

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