Back After a Long Career Break, Follow Some Interview Tips

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It is not easy to reenter the job market after an extended break. It is both challenging and daunting at the same time. However, it is not an uphill task as it is generally considered to be. The article discusses some of the job interview mistakes, which the job seekers often commit. Read on to explore more about this topic!

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No one is exempt from making mistakes during an interview, particularly those who are back in the job industry after a long period. Although sometimes we focus more on what we should do, and do not focus on the things which should not be done. It is wise to analyze the below mentioned common mistakes from time to time to succeed in the attempt to get entry in the job market again.


  1. Lack of preparation – If you remain silent when you are asked that “what do you know about our company?” it becomes a really embarrassing situation and demonstrates a complete lack of preparation. Prepare a report on the company where you apply and work on it thoroughly.
  2. Not updating your CV: After sitting for a long time at home, your resume must have gathered a lot of virtual dust, which needs to be removed. It is the time to read it through thoroughly, and identify weak areas and the mistakes, which are often ignored. If possible, rewrite some of the information and freshen it up quickly. You can improve your hiring chances if you have identified the problem areas and focused on your strengths. If you hand over your old resume to the interviewer, it would certainly leave a very bad impression.
  3. Not communicating properly – Written communication plays a key role during the job search. However, when it comes for the interview, oral communication and body will do the rest of work. Shake hands firmly, look into the eyes of the interviewer, and maintain a positive attitude while interacting with your interviewer. These things can balance the scales in your favor before you even open your mouth to answer the first question.
  4. The phone, our friend inseparable: It would leave a very bad impact if you mobile phone rings while sitting in front of an interviewer. Turn off your phone before entering the interview. There are many cases of applicants receiving calls or messages during the interview, and even if you do not believe, many of them even being in the middle of answering the interview do so. Probably, you have guessed it. A simple call while you interview and your chances of getting the job will be reduced to zero.
  5. Talking too much – One of the most important qualities in the field of communication is listening. There are candidates who are either too nervous or overconfident. It is always advised to be concise in your answers. The interviewer is certainly not interested to know the full story of your life. Just let them know the reason for your break and decide over your candidature.
  6. Dressing horribly – You do not necessarily need to wear branded clothes while attending a job interview. What is important is to dress according to the position and the company culture. For instance, wearing a super casual dress paired with funky shoes for a sales position can certainly raise some eyebrows and you will be out of the list.
  7. Incomplete and wrong information – Many times before the interview, you need to fill out another form with information about your professional past. Make sure that the dates of past employment, and other relevant data, correspond to what you wrote in your resume. Also, make it a point not to lie on your resume, because it is the worst thing you can do to yourself. The companies tend to crosscheck the details, and once found fraud; you will lose all your hopes of being hired.
  8. Avoid making contradictory statements – If a position requires certain skills and qualities, and you have indicated in your resume that you possess, and then do not contradict yourself during the interview. Also, describe the horrible experiences you have had working on computer in your previous work. Result: The job will be for another candidate.
  9. Criticize your former bosses – In the job industry, everyone have negative experiences in working with leaders and peers. Nevertheless, be restraint when referring to those people or situations. May be your former boss is a customer of this company, or may be the interviewer is a close friend of the person about whom you are bashing! You never know! Limit yourself to be objective when criticizing. Try to focus on something positive, “although my old boss was a big seller, there was a great connection between us.” Enough!
  10. Do not get into oblivion – Few people use the powerful weapon “thank you.” You finish the interview, you go home, and wait for the phone to ring. Why do not you sit down and write a thank you note? It can be an email or a handwritten note. The detail, as long as you are sincere, you can increase your chances of success.


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