Blogging to build your local SEO muscle

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By taking a local search engine optimisation (SEO) approach, you can deepen relationships you have with area members of your target audience. The reason you’ll have an edge over national firms in regards to connecting with area consumers is that you know these consumers better. You live where they live. You don’t need to hire a market research analyst to educate you on the concerns, preferences, challenges and recent victories these consumers have.


Yet, simply knowing these consumers is not enough. You have to find a way to connect with these women and men. Blogging is proving to be an effective tool at helping businesses build SEO muscle. Blogging works because it’s an identifier; the way you approach the subject of your business blog sets you apart from competitors.

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Before you start blogging, build a search engine optimised website. Integrate your blog with your business website. If you or another senior leader at your business has a sizable following or is well known and respected in your industry, ask her or him to write one blog post a week. You could also hire freelancers to develop the written content for you.


If you choose this option, make sure freelancers have a solid reputation. Google is starting to place more emphasis on content authorship, so taking this step could prove vital over the coming months and years. In addition to authorship, you’ll want to approach a subject from a variety of angles.


For example, if you own a local takeaway restaurant, you could blog about trends impacting restaurants in your area, great local Australian cuisines and live entertainment you’re restaurant is hosting. By changing the approach, you can keep visitors to your website and blog interested in what you share.


Keep visitors interested and  you have more time to keep messages about products or services your business sales in front of these people. To generate lots of blog traffic, you’re going to have to posts often, understand and incorporate SEO content strategies into each blog posts.


This is when you may want to hire a firm that specializes in SMB SEO marketing. As Search Engine Land reports, “Post frequently. Once a day is fantastic, if you can keep it up!” Yet, when trying to maintain a blog by yourself, that’s not always feasible.

If you do hire a SEO marketing firm to keep your blog advancing, take the time to educate staff at the firm about your small or mid-size business. Educate them about your products, services, business locations, profiles of members of your target audience, deals you run and the top one to three results (i.e. gain customer inquiries, sales, provide informational content to loyal customers) you hope to obtain from your business website.


Achieving each of these results is commendable. However, blogging can also yield another benefit, namely the opportunity to stay in touch with current local customers and potential customers. This benefit can be further realized if you allow visitors to your blog to comment or ask questions. Add video and images to blog posts and you could improve the chances of your business becoming more visible to local audiences.


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