Branding Your Company Underfoot

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There are various unique needs that require the purchase a floor rug. Whether it is to soften the feel of a cold and cavernous room or to spice up an entryway with a splash of color, a rug is a convenient way to cover a lot of surface. One of the most functional and most resourceful options for using a floor rug, is to create a custom design that advertises for a company. Branding through logo floor mats is a fun, easy, and stylish way to let the world know about your company.

mats 300x146 Branding Your Company UnderfootThe world of advertising has gone far beyond your usual billboards, magazines, and commercials. It has expanded into even bizarre gimmicks like logos on everything from coffee mugs to stress balls. Using a floor mat to speak for your brand allows your company to be unmistakable. It is strange to think that something we stand on could stand out, but logo floor mats have a way of sticking in the memory of those who see them, simply because of their novelty and simplicity.

In modern society people are bombarded with showy advertisements in social media, magazines, YouTube, and television. A simple, classic logo on a floor mat is a tasteful way to get your name out into the world. Floor mats create an image that stays in the mind of the consumer. Logos have an ability to cognitively resonate with people who subconsciously assimilate products with the pictures they see. Branding through images, symbols, and logos causes quick recognition and is now better and easier than ever. Mats today are not your typical black rubber numbers that look like they belong on the floor of a semi-truck. No, now custom rugs come in vivid colors, a variety of shapes, and innumerable options that are sure to catch the eye. They can be tasteful and elegant or colorful and simple.  Floor mats create environments where the consumer constantly sees the logo, without feeling barraged by a product.

Custom floor mats provide a service rather than a manipulation. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and taken advantage of by the current torrent of advertisements. We cannot drive, check Facebook, answer an e-mail, answer the phone, stop for gas, go to the store, or eat at a restaurant without televisions or other media telling us how to feel, what to eat, and what to purchase. An area rug however provides a service. It may tell the consumer what to buy, but it is practical beyond the persuasion to purchase. Service-based advertisements allow for people to feel helped rather than manipulated by a message. It may not seem ennobling to have your logo stepped on and covered in mud, but it is a service that puts the needs of the consumer above the need to advertise.

Lastly, television commercials can be skipped over, but it is difficult to skip over a floor mat. The brain takes in images rapidly and whether we know it or not, the mat we are stepping on helps us to remember the product it represents.  The part of the brain associated with visual memory can store billions of images and create unique connections between those images and certain messages. Having more visuals connected with your company will provide consumers with more opportunities to connect with your products, even outside of their regular context.

Dan Levin – Custom Floor Mat and Rug Expert for 19 years

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