Business Never Sleeps

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The business world, like modern technology, is changing all the time. Just when one company think they’ve cracked it with their latest gadget or service, someone else comes along with something that blows them out of the water soon after. You only have to see the early success of the BlackBerry before the likes of Apple came along with the iPhone and Samsung released the Galaxy. It’s the same with companies having to always stay at the top of their game and looking to evolve – business, quite simply, can no longer close the door at 5pm and go to sleep.


When one business stops, others keep going in an attempt to stay in contact with the global markets. If a company in the UK doesn’t try and find a way to work from mobile locations, like a home office or while on the commute home, they miss out on a number of emails, leads and potential business opportunities with other major nations in different time zones – such as the US or Australia. For that reason, the development in mobile field service management has proven to be a Godsend.

sleep Business Never Sleeps

Modern businesses are also spending much more time outside the office, trying to meet with clients to ensure that they’re happy with service being provided, and also in an attempt to drive new business. There are an increasing number of trade shows and exhibitions that can provide some valuable insights into their industry and how to succeed, so attending is now just as important as going to school when you were a child! The thing is, you need to make sure that all members of staff can stay in touch with the office from wherever they are – the train, the exhibition centre or the site – reporting back with updates, answering questions and having access to the materials and information they need to do their job even when they’re not sat at their desk.


The main problem that arises when people do work from mobile locations is that members of the management team are unable to speak to them as frequently about their workload and progress, like they could if they were sat a few metres away in the office. Mobile business allows employees to access everything they need to finish a time-sensitive assignment from home, and to even upload the files to the management software for others to access, read and edit.


Security is a major issue, especially with confidential files containing sensitive information, but access can be restricted to only those working on the project on both sides and when files are being transferred they can be encrypted so that if they do go astray it’s going to be one tough code to crack.


Ella Mason, an experienced freelance writer, wrote this article. Ella specialises in providing useful and engaging advice to small businesses. Follow her on Twitter @ellatmason

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