Checklist for Choosing a Secure Document Storage and Retrieval Provider

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Information is an essential asset for any business, whether the company works in finance, education, administration, or law. Safeguarding and storing information is therefore crucial to a business’ success. While businesses may be striving to store more and more documents online or in cloud servers, there is still a need to keep paper documents safe and secure. This particularly applies to businesses in the legal sector and in finance. In many cases, there are legislative and regulatory reasons to store documents in paper form.

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Keeping information in the office is not always practical. The space requirements are extremely restrictive, and it can be difficult to ensure that paper documents are safe from theft and fires. Therefore, choosing to store documents off site at a specialist document storage facility is a viable option. But make the wrong decision, and you could end up wasting money or even putting your documents in jeopardy. Take a look at the following checklist for deciding which document storage firm to choose:

Look at the Quality of the Shelves and Boxes

The most important aspect of any document storage service is the quality of the storage facilities. When looking at a service, check how the documents will be stored – are all documents shelved? How good are the storage boxes – durable, safe, and strong?

Check for Climate Control

Paper documents must be kept in a climate-controlled environment. One of the reasons for moving your paper documents from your office to a secure facility may be to protect them from the effects of heat, dampness, or condensation. Make sure the facility is able to protect documents from temperature changes, and also from humidity and the pests that are associated with dampness.

Check the Fire Prevention Systems

Check that the facility is secure in terms of preventing fires. Some facilities will have sprinkler systems to stop fires, while others will have a gas-based fire suppression system in order to stop fires without any water damage.

Look at the Security Features

It goes without saying that a document storage facility should be secure. But check exactly which security features the company uses to keep your information safe. Is there an alarm system linked to local law enforcement units? Is there a system to prevent unauthorised people from physically and electronically accessing your data?

Check the Turnaround on Document Retrieval

Depending on your documents, you will have a certain need for document retrieval. If you will never need to access your documents, then a fast turnaround time on delivery is not relevant. But if you must look at paper files on a regular basis, then you need to make sure the company can deliver your documents to the office on time and quickly.

Are There Any Other Services Available?

Depending on your needs, providers like also offer services such as filing, indexing, and scanning. You may also need help with IT and media destruction. Finding a company that offers a range of services is more convenient overall for your business.

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