Chrome Steals the Show

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When considering the many internet browser options of today, many people fail to recognize that they very well could be using one far inferior than the rest. The average internet user tends to gravitate towards whatever browser was pre-loaded on their computer or device. Older users, well, they tend to stick to those browsers that have been around for a while, such as Internet Explorer. But, if users took the time to research the value behind browsers, they would find that Google Chrome has been highly recognized for producing one of the most superior products on the market. Part of the reason why Chrome is a top-ranked browser is due to its grand database of apps and extensions which allow for a much more immersive browser experience.         Chrome Chrome Steals the Show Voice Search 

One of the new and improved updates to the Google Chrome browser includes the ability to use your device’s microphone for voice search within the browser. Generally, this feature has gained immense popularity, especially in smartphone usage as it enables us the ability to quickly, easily and efficiently search for anything we need simply by speaking the words. Transferring this ability to other devices including tablets, laptops and desktops proves as a natural extension of the technology. 

Built-in Flash and PDF

Chrome was also one of the first browsers to include built in flash and PDF support.  Previous to the additions, browsers required separate flash and PDF installations along with separate updates. Chrome’s full-feature automatic update allow extensions including PDF and flash apps to update automatically without having to open and run each individual program application. By being able to have a PDF reader built into the browser, there is no longer a need for Adobe’s PDF reader as a separate installation.

Interface Design

Chrome is also recognized as the first browser to start the minimalist trend by providing a sleek, simple, yet user-friendly toolbar with a minimal amount of buttons and tabs. Being able to conduct searches within the address bar was an added bonus, which has proven overtime to be extremely valuable to the user community.


Found in many reiterated statements, of the many great frustrations of both Firefox and Internet Explorer has been the tab experience. Chrome on the other hand, has implemented tabs with amazing efficiency and convenience through the power of simplicity. Providing users the ability to pull tabs out of a current window to create new, independent windows was nothing short of genius.


However the single most important aspect of the Chrome experience has and continues to be the blazing speed in which it operates. Still the leader of the browser pack in many benchmarking tests, Chrome offers many advantages above its competitors, including bookmark syncing and multiple separate user capabilities.

Apps and Extensions

The vast variety of applications and extensions are a contributing reason to why Google Chrome rules the browsing world. The rise in use of smartphones (more than 50% of the world browses the internet through the use of mobile devices) has greatly increased the use of apps, plug-ins and extensions for the everyday user. For example, Square 9 Softworks, industry leading developer of document management solutions, has recently created GlobalConnect, an app used for GlobalSearch functions that can immediately access your electronic documents from any browser-based application. Simply highlight information in your web-based application and run GlobalConnect’s GlobalSearch to find information and documents. The open developer platform that Google Chrome provides gives amazing advantages for anticipated software developments to improve innovation for the browser.

If you need a browser that can stand up to your speed requirements with an extensive offering of the best software developed applications and a sleek user-friendly interface, look no further than Google Chrome.

Written by Lauren Ford of Square 9, a developer of highly intuitive, award winning document management software.

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