Compliance Tips that you should know about ISO 9001

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Whether you are the owner of a small start up or you have a mid-sized or large business, you must have heard of ISO 9001 certification. Since this is the certificate that helps you get accredited for the quality of your business across the globe, it is important to achieve this certificate. This will not only help you improve the quality of your products and services, but you will also be able to get a more efficient workforce. Moreover, with the improved level of service, you can satisfy your existing customers and will also be able to expand your business to unexplored genres. With ISO 9001 certification, it becomes easier to approach businesses that prefer to work only with those companies that are certified. Well, there are certain tips that you must follow in order to obtain this certification. If you are not quite aware about the compliance tips, which you will mainly require during the implementation phase, here are they mentioned below -

Document Control

The process of document control is important for getting ISO 9001 certificate. This means the current versions of the documents are available to the person who are supposed to check them and the unauthorized people should be prevented from use these documents. In our daily life, all of us handle a number of documents like forms that we have to fill out, invoices that we have to send to different clients, rate sheets according to which we bill our customers, holiday schedules that we need to check in order to plan the next vacation etc. Any error occurred in these documents, can lead to serious problems and if you are using any document that is outdated, you may also face certain problems. ISO 9001 provides you with certain tools that will help you control all your documents properly.

ISO 9001 Documents

All ISO 9001 documents, including the business related ones, are needed to be checked and controlled since they play a significant role in affecting our business. But documents that don’t have any direct relation with the services or products of a company don’t need to be controlled.

Well, how far you need to control the documents, varies with the different types of documents -

  • The Quality Policy, which is an important corporate document, should display the signatures of all executives.
  • The extent of the approval record might vary with the importance of the document. It should always be remembered that the documents are approved before they are published.
  • You can find the instructions of the approval manager in the footer of the document.
  • There are certain documents, that don’t need any type of approval notes. For example, when a quality manager prepares instructions for his auditors, that document needs not to be approved separately.

Who are responsible for document control?

It should be kept in mind that it is the responsibility of all the employees to control the documents. Make sure all the employees are well aware about the importance of this document control and how to control the documents in accordance with the ISO 9001. It should be remembered that if you copy a document or take a print out of a certain document, you will be responsible for its distribution. Since the original author won’t be aware of this distribution, it won’t be possible for him to control its distribution.

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