Consolidate Your Insurance with Fleet Cover

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The majority of trade’s people need to travel for work purposes, and the bigger the company, the more demands there are on vehicles, staff and other resources. Subsequently, this means these types of companies have to fork out endless amounts of money to cover them in terms of insurance.

Why You Should Choose Fleet Insurance

Most companies that have a number of vehicles generally started with one. It’s likely that they would have assembled their fleet over a number of months, or even years. The increased workload that happens as a business becomes more developed would have forced the hand of many businesses. This means they would have taken on more insurance policies to cope with the demand. It is easy to see how this can get out of hand for a trades business. One moment you have one vehicle on one policy, and the next thing you know, you’ve got several different vehicles on several different policies.

The Benefits of Fleet Insurance

One policy across the board with only one renewal date would certainly be easier to manage within a fleet. Doing this can also give a company the chance to save money as well. In essence, the company would be bulk-buying from one single supplier. Consequently, this could well put them in line to get a discount from the supplier. Cover such as fleet insurance would give a company the luxury of insuring all of their drivers to take the wheel of any van in the fleet. The benefits of this are particularly obvious, with flexibility in the fleet drastically improved as you will eliminate the need for workers needing specific vans. Therefore, this will tremendously boost your productivity.

Research the Varied Options

Just like the many other forms of vehicles insurance, there are a varied range of levels of fleet insurance cover available to use. Third party only protection is the best one to choose if a company wants cheap cover, but this will only cover other drivers if someone is in an accident. Third party fire and theft is the same, however, it does have the added extra security of cover for stolen, destroyed or fire scenarios. When a company looks for fleet insurance, they need to take their time and find the right one. insureFLEET offer a range of cover for fleets. This includes the highest level of cover, which is fully comprehensive that covers all damage for you and other drivers.



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