Digital Security Trends for Business

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Information Technology or as it is more commonly known IT is a major component of almost every business in operation today. No matter how big or how small your operation, the likelihood is that there are certain software systems in use that are vital to the smooth running of your company.


Worldwide IT spending is rising far ahead of inflation and the concept of ‘Big Data’ refers to the increasingly massive amount of information generated by modern devices and the way that they are used in the world of commerce.


Mobile Security

The fast developments and changes in the world of mobile connections is having a huge impact on the way many businesses are run. The standardisation of devices amongst employees that will most likely be equipped with personal handsets is a major problem for any company with a mobile workforce.


The security issues surrounding user owned devices having access to company resources are some of the biggest question marks hanging over where things will move forward from here.


The Cloud

The increasing reliance on ‘The Cloud’ for business and consumer use also highlights growing digital security trend challenges.


Any separation of high-end commercial security concerns from general day to day customer usage will become an important battlefield for applications, with smart apps able to tell the difference between company and user owned devices sure to play a big part.


Major Systems

However it is the larger essential software systems that a company relies on for its day to day activities that still remain the focus of attention for essential security concerns. That is why the idea of escrow is gaining ground with more companies all the time.


Essentially, the concept revolves around a trusted third party keeping important source code safe so that it can be made available to clients in certain pre-agreed circumstances, such as a catastrophic systems failure in which the original software providers no longer exist.


Major service providers in escrow such as NCC provide a fully featured service which allows the full reinstall of a system thereby minimising any potential long term damage resulting from a systems failure.



As so many of the applications used in the business world today are complex pieces of software the loss of functionality can be difficult to replace.


The verification process involved in an escrow agreement provides peace of mind that all the necessary scripts, instructions and files needed to rebuild an entire IT software system are available to the client, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to build the source code into the working application.

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