Essentials of Work Permit in South Africa

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Work Permit 2 Immigration South Africa 300x210 300x210 Essentials of Work Permit in South AfricaYou are happy that you have been offered a job or a transfer from the present job to South Africa or you are planning to set up your business there but you need to get the work permit for this purpose before you can start.

South Africa has a large pool of unskilled and semi-skilled workers and this provides you with limited employment opportunities. This can restrict the issue of the work permit to you, if you want to go there as unskilled or semi-skilled labor, since they have people available in this area and do not need more.

If you are an employer and want to bring workers for your organization from other country, you must satisfy the Department of Home Affairs because you are unable to find the staff required locally.

Work permits are considered as a form of temporary residence permit, issued to you in case you are visiting South Africa for duration of more than three months but less than three years. The limitation in issuing the work permit is that the government’s economic growth plan aims at recruiting people from other countries possessing scarce, critical and special skills in few key areas for the government. The government issues a pre-determined number of “quota work permits” for these specific positions.

You need to furnish employment proof in South Africa after you are issued with a quota work permit within three months or 90 days in the approved occupational category. You need to show these proofs every year. The work permits in south Africa is  issued to you are open ended and is valid for the duration you are employed in the original approved professional category.

A general work permit has validity until the period of your contract. However, if you do not furnish the employment proof required, the work permit will lapse after six months from the date of issue to the Department of Home Affairs.

Extraordinary Quota Work Permit

It is a work permit issued to a predetermined number of nationals of other countries who possess extraordinary skills and qualifications. They will have the authorization to conduct their work even in the situation that they did not have any employer at the time of issue of the permit. In addition, they are allowed to work outside their category unless the minister decides otherwise.

If your organization have assessed that it would need a specific number of employees in the coming year you can apply for a corporate permit.

You must assess the type of work permit you need to avail since there are various different types of work permits available in South Africa. This can save a lot of your time and energy, which you can channelize in searching for the best employment in South Africa. You should also assess the transparency and attractiveness of the regulations regarding the issuance of the business permits to foreign entrepreneurs as it requires inward investment. You need to fulfill various criteria while applying for a business permit and its successful completion.

South African government, especially in Cape Town, has commenced various initiatives like DTI grants, establishing reputation for ease of opening up a business etc. in order to become popular in the international entrepreneurs fraternity.

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