Five Top Tips to save you Thousands of Dollars Next Year

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Lots of people will be heading in to 2014 looking for ways to save money and have a more fruitful year than the one just past. There are a few simple things you can do to help yourself save thousands of dollars over the course of the year, plus many ways to can get some extra income too. If you want to take advantage of effortless savings next year then check out these five top tips which will give you a few tips and ideas on how you can do exactly that!

pig 300x158 Five Top Tips to save you Thousands of Dollars Next Year

Quit Smoking / Drinking
This one isn’t easy but if you can quit smoking and / or drinking then you could save yourself a small fortune over the course of the year. This one thing alone could result in a bigger saving than all of the below tips combined, so it’s well worth doing! Not to mention the obvious health benefits too, so you’ll have more time to spend enjoying the money you’ve saved.

Avoid Buying Snacks / Lunch Out
Snacking and buying lunch out is another culprit which adds up to large spends over the course of the year. If you buy lunch out every day during the week then you could spending close to $100 or more per month, just on lunches! Preparing your lunch at home with groceries purchased from the store will save you money every month.

Sell your Unwanted Items
Most of us have belongings lying around our homes collecting dust; things which we no longer use, things we have upgraded and so on. Thanks to websites like eBay you can easily list these items for sale, free up some space in your home and get some extra cash in your account all at the same time.

Cancel your Home Phone Line
Most people don’t even make use of their home telephone line these days, in my home the only people who ever call our home number are telesales people. Friends and family always call the mobile numbers. Cancelling your home phone line altogether could add up to a substantial saving over the course of the year.

Package your Services
Now-a-days we have lots of different services on demand in our home, things like broadband, tv packages, mobile phone plans, home phone plans and so on. In lots of instances you will find that service providers offer all of these services, and if you buy all of your services through them then you can take advantage of package deals which will work out cheaper than if you were to buy the services through separate providers.

Hopefully these tips have given you a few ideas on ways you can save yourself some money over the course of next year. Another quick tip is to search for new providers when it comes time to renew your insurance; whether that’s home insurance, health insurance, car insurance, all of these things can often be obtained cheaper by calling new providers for quotes rather than just renewing with your current provider.

Author Bio: Nathan Rossiter is a regular contributor of money saving tips and debt advice. When he is not busy working with the team at he enjoys keeping up-to-date with the latest news from the world of Finance, and the occasional game of FIFA 2014!

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