Four Places Near London Where You Could Base Your Business

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Choosing the best location for your business is important, whether you are choosing your first office or moving to a bigger space. In the UK, London is notorious for its business markets, and many deals are done here on a daily basis. The capital city is convenient for companies to meet with their clients, and it is a brilliant place for many networking opportunities. Yet London has a number of hurdles for businesses, and perhaps the biggest is the prohibitive costs associated with being located there.

That is why many companies are looking for the benefits of the capital without being situated directly within it. There are plenty of options of places you could be based, both within and out of the circumference of the M25. If you are looking for a few suggestions, you’re in the right place – here are just four places you could consider:


14 miles southwest of Charing Cross lies the suburban town of Esher in Surrey. The office space Esher has to offer is quite spectacular as there is a rich history in the town that is evident from the buildings. In terms of getting into the capital, it only takes 30 minutes to get to Waterloo on the South West Main Line. This makes it nice and simple to get into the city for meetings, but lovely to stay in to appreciate the green open spaces.

 cattaneo commerciall Four Places Near London Where You Could Base Your Business


Located in the northwest corner of Kent, Dartford lies about 16 miles away from central London. As the town is close to the border of Kent and Greater London, it is easy to see how it might be an ideal location to consider. Within the M25 motorway, Dartford has a lot going for it; many people actually commute to the city from here daily as it is so convenient. The rail hub in Dartford is helpful as it can take you straight to London Bridge or Charing Cross when you want to meet with clients.


In northeast London, Romford can be found in the borough of Havering. Only 14 miles away from Charing Cross, it is a place that grew throughout the 20th century along with other suburban locations. Yet Romford significantly expanded and today it is one of the largest commercial, retail, entertainment and leisure districts outside of central London. This may attract more young professionals to your company if they know that the “play” part of their lifestyle is taken care of too.

Potters Bar

18 miles north of Charing Cross sits Potters Bar, which is a town in the Hertsmere borough of Hertfordshire. The population sits at about 22,000 so it isn’t the largest town in the outskirts of the capital. Yet the M25 and the A1 are both major road networks that are local to Potters Bar, making it a convenient location in which to be located. Train travel is also made possible by the line that stops in Potters Bar on the way to Kings Cross station in London.

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