Have you considered retraining in business analysis?

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The current economic climate has created a new surge in business analysis to ensure optimum growth and best practices. Take advantage of this trend by retraining and updating your skill set to further your career path.

business analysis Have you considered retraining in business analysis?

1. What exactly is business analysis?
There are almost as many aspects to business analysis as there are business analyst jobs as no two job descriptions will ever be exactly the same. Essentially the business analyst is required to monitor all aspects of a company, identifying areas requiring change in order to maximise efficiency and, above all, profitability.

The importance of a business analyst in determining the future of a company or business cannot be underestimated. There is no room in the modern world for companies who fail to spot downward trends and react in good time, which is why there are more and more companies

now keen to offer business analysis courses in London and other towns and cities around Britain.

2. How do I gain the relevant qualifications?
The intensity and scope of the business analysis training modules requires students to attend a dedicated centre of training rather than concentrating purely on home-study options. Although home study is required in order to attain the required standard of work. Fortunately for prospective students there are opportunities to study business analysis courses in London and elsewhere, offering students an in-depth exploration of every aspect of the subject to ensure a successful outcome.

Students work towards gaining accreditation through attainment of the official CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional) certification. Students must undertake written examinations and complete work experience tasks at a satisfactory standard in order to achieve the relevant certificates.
Students can also work towards gaining their Certification of Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA) which also requires examinations and episodes of work experience.

3. The Course
The course begins by outlining the various duties undertaken by business analysts and provides an overview of the various functions and tasks which may be required. Strategic Enterprise Analysis modules cover a range of subjects concerning identifying and planning for change and improvements in the business model.

Additional course modules cover aspects of business management such as writing and presenting a coherent and cohesive business plan, including important risk analysis and projected outcomes.

Communicating and implementing plans is also covered, along with specific methods for introducing change and keeping the workforce on side during transition periods.

Identifying and dealing with problems along with conflict management help the business analyst to overcome potential problems when it comes to introducing change to the workplace, which often causes unrest amongst a workforce used to doing things a certain way.

A good understanding of business analysis can be invaluable to managers and team leaders keen to implement change and encourage progress in the workplace. Gaining a recognised qualification in this aspect of business can benefit the company as well as increasing the individual’s career and salary prospects for the future.


Anna Mathews writes about careers and education for a number of websites and blogs. An enthusiastic supporter of lifetime learning opportunities for everyone, Anna encourages people to retrain or build on their skill sets whenever possible to maximise their career potential. She believes that when it comes to specialised business analysis courses London offers the best.

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