Hindering Factors For Today’s Data Centers

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When using a data center facility, you can save money and host all your data with ease. While true, it is not enough to run out and sign up for services from a local provider. You need to research local service providers and find one offering a host of options, along with reasonable prices. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, with a little work, you can find one offering everything needed. Here is a quick guide on how to find the best data center for your needs.

Hindering Factors For Todays Data Centers 300x209 Hindering Factors For Todays Data Centers

Disaster-proof: While hosting your data at a co-location center, you want to ensure it is protected all the time. Visit the location and check out the building. Ask yourself a few simple questions. Can the building withstand a natural disaster such as a flood, fire or earthquake? If the answer is no, move on to another provider. At the same time, consider the area you live in and ensure it will withstand disasters on a local scale. For example, if you look at data centers in San Francisco, ensure it will survive an earthquake. On the other hand, in Miami, check out the building and verify it can withstand a hurricane. If it all checks out, you can proceed further. Finding the right disaster recovery solution is imperative to the vitality of your valued company’s infrastructure.

Security: Let’s face it, one breach and you will lose money and your company will suffer drastically. Not only will you deal with a public relations nightmare, but also you will need to spend money to fix the problem. If your data is comprised by a person on-site, you will need to deal with a serious problem. To avoid this common issue, inspect the facility and talk to the managers. If they allow access to contractors and low-level employees, consider another site.

Backup power plan: In the event of a natural disaster, a data center can lose power for days. This is a disaster for an entrepreneur who needs access to his or her files all the time. Check out the power supplies and ask the manager of the center if they use a backup plan for power. If the data center doesn’t have a backup plan, don’t use them as a provider. Otherwise, you are one disaster away from serious problems.

Up-to-date Equipment: While it isn’t necessary to use top-of-the line equipment at a data center, it is beneficial. If the servers are and software is outdated, consider taking your business to another provider. Also, ask the manager how often the data center updates software. If it is infrequent, you need to consider other options, as outdated software will leave your data vulnerable to a hacker.

24/7 support from qualified technicians: If a data center provides round-the-clock support, you are in excellent shape. Otherwise, if you can’t call the data center 24/7 for help, you are in trouble. Since problems are all-but guaranteed to occur, you need to find a provider offering qualified tech support all the time. Remember, servers fail and malfunction at all times of the day and a company needs to offer support all the time.

If you know what questions to ask and how to proceed, you can find the best data center for your needs. While a time-consuming task, it will help you avoid trouble in the long run as this is an important relationship.

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