Hiring a Professional Catering Service Can Make Your Next Breakfast Meeting a Success

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Breakfast meetings are more popular than ever in Los Angeles as movie and business moguls combine food with an exchange of ideas and make deals while the day is still young. In the entertainment business, timing is everything, but even more important is the atmosphere of the breakfast meeting-this is why hiring a professional catering service is vital to its success. From widely varied menus that can meet the needs of any client to professional service that is sure to impress, there are many advantages to hiring an expert catering service for your next breakfast meeting.

A Professional Catering Service Will Impress Your Client

Breakfast meetings can be a double-edged sword in the entertainment business, especially in Los Angeles. While getting a head start on a business deal first thing in the morning may improve your chances of sealing the deal, your client has already had to leave their home or hotel early, fight Hollywood morning traffic, and find a place to park, which may not leave them in the best frame of mind. However, when you have your breakfast meeting catered by a professional catering company, the quality food, attention to detail, and expert service will lift anyone’s mood and allow them to focus on the business at hand.

Choosing a professional catering company for your next breakfast meeting will also show everyone involved that you put a great deal of thought into the morning’s proceedings. This is especially important if you’re trying to persuade a client to back a movie or choose your company for their advertising needs. Some fruit, a few bagels, and coffee brewed in the office coffee machine isn’t likely to impress anyone or make them believe that you’re truly interested in doing business. However, when you can offer them a full-service breakfast bar with a variety of hot, fresh foods, they’ll see that your company and those who represent it are willing to go the extra mile for them.

Varied Menus Will Please Everyone Present  

What a company serves at a breakfast meeting is as important as its timing and location. When you choose a professional catering company, the owners and employees will use their extensive knowledge of California food trends to create a menu that’s sure to satisfy everyone’s appetite, especially for larger meetings. These companies can even offer a number of different full-service omelette, pancake, or burrito bars that include healthy California-style choices. Having such a wide variety of food choices, along with gourmet coffee and tea, will lessen the chances of someone having to miss out on breakfast because of a dietary restriction or a food allergy.

Having fresh, professionally prepared catered food at a breakfast meeting will also spark creativity and cooperation, which is an important factor at any meeting, where million-dollar ideas are exchanged, built upon, and crafted into blockbuster movies and enduring television shows. Serving quality food from a catering company in LA will ensure that every individual at the meeting is focused and ready to work instead of trying to come up with fresh ideas on an empty stomach.

There are many factors that make a breakfast meeting successful, and the type of catering company you choose to cater your meeting can mean the difference between gaining a new client or coming up with a new movie pitch and leaving the room empty handed. Professional service and one-of-a-kind delectable menus will please and impress anyone who attends a breakfast meeting at your company and earn it a sterling reputation in the industry.

Written by Joel Boardman of Food Fetish, a LA-based catering company specializing in production and corporate catering as well as gourmet food catering services.

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