Hit the Ground Running: Ideas You Can Bring to a New Job

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Everyone is desperate to make an almost instantaneous impression when they start a new job, letting their new employers know that they made the right decision when they hired them. Whether you’re brought in to take a managerial position or you’re fresh out of education and looking to make your first steps up the employment ladder, each new employee has the same aim.


While it can be a particularly nervy time – naturally – you need to try and bring out everything that makes you, well, you. When the employer received your application and CV, they clearly liked what they saw. It doesn’t matter if you registered your interest through a job search site like Jobs Today and they were blown away by the strength of your application on paper or whether you walked into the office with the confidence of someone looking to make that position their own, the employer clearly liked what they saw and that is YOU.

job Hit the Ground Running: Ideas You Can Bring to a New Job

So don’t just sit at your new desk in silence, only speaking when spoken to like the stereotypical ‘newbie’, take the time to evaluate your new surroundings and then go to your bosses with some suggestions on how to take the company forward. Each time they hire a new person, the aim is simple, to keep the business progressing and making both money and a positive reputation, and they are likely to appreciate any input you may have as to how to hit those targets.


One example might be to suggest an idea relating to the layout of the office. Some workplaces can seem very set in their ways, adding a new desk wherever there might be space with no logical seating plan and teams spread right across the room. Others are so regimented that teams within the firm might never speak to each other during working hours, only stopping for a brief chat about the woeful performance by the national football team or the stunning show put on by the next star of reality TV. Think about ways that you can encourage the teams to mix within the workplace. You don’t want to be bringing the whole place to a standstill by being overly social, but good morale throughout the office can only have a positive effect on productivity.


Social media is becoming one of the most important parts of all business no matter what industry they’re in. If you don’t have a Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram or Pinterest account – whichever is the most suitable obviously as they’re not all going to work for your particular brand – then you’re likely to be falling behind your competitors, it’s as simple as that. Social networks have connected businesses with customers all over the world and using them the right way can help bring in significant investment in terms of sales and you massively increase your brand awareness. Take a look at the company social media accounts (if they have one), and see what they’re doing well and what they could improve. It might be that they need to respond to questions quicker, maybe they need to use fewer hash tags or it might just be that they need to bring in someone to work full-time in a new social media role to help them to drive traffic and sales from the Internet.


One of the first places that new and potential customers will visit in the modern era is the company website. For that very reason it’s essential that the site is well maintained and updated with regular, fresh content. The news or blog section of the site is your opportunity to share your views on industry related events such as new product releases or updates, conferences and exhibitions or just to inform people about you company’s charity pledge. Whatever your new company are currently talking about, find a way to make it better – it might be that you give the content a new lease of life, making it much more personal and filled with originality and individual style as opposed to being a professional tone, or it might be that you create a brand new style of content, incorporating the latest media methods for the first time to show that you’re a vibrant brand that look to use the ‘new media’ and everything it has to offer.


Fast-food Friday is the kind of thing that can keep everybody interested right up until closing time on a Friday. Many offices will go to a local fast-food restaurant on a Friday for something a bit different, either bringing it back to the office or with many members of staff heading out to eat in. Whichever method you propose – or even see brought in – it’s a great way of building team morale and getting people to interact with each other (even if it does cause a few arguments over burgers, fish and chips or chicken!)


Social break-out areas are the ideal place for staff to relax and get away from their computer screens or machines for a while. Everyone is entitled to a break and sitting in the same place from 9am until 5pm every day will inevitably lead to some kind of loss of motivation. Giving staff a break-out area like a table tennis or pool table, maybe a television in the staff canteen or just a few sofas where they can eat their lunch, have a cup of coffee and relax for a few minutes will let them come back refreshed and ready to produce their finest work.


By Ella Mason, an experienced freelance writer, wrote this article. Ella specialises in providing useful and engaging advice to small businesses. Follow her on Twitter @ellatmason

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