How to make yourself believe that you can be a thought leader

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Wow, Thought leader! It inevitably brings into your mind the charismatic appeal of the person in question and his vast knowledge on the given subject. Respect, fame and fortune follow invariably and therefore, it is no wonder that so many business people aspire to be the One. Being a thought leader has its own share of benefits. First of all, it makes people believe that you are the person who fixes things [even if you do not have the slightest idea of how to fix things!] and secondly, people will take you as a man of trust which will definitely have positive impact on the growth of your organization.

But the question still remains largely unanswered – can anyone be a thought leader? If it possible for a Tom, Joe or Harry to emerge as a thought leader in their respective niches? Yeah it is possible but in order to be treated like a thought leader, you need to have the following three crucial characteristics –

Thought Leader postimage How to make yourself believe that you can be a thought leader

You have it in you to Stand out

You simply cannot eat, talk and walk just like any other ordinary guy out there. Forget the metaphor, what I mean to say is that you have to be receptive about the way you talk in seminars and social media sites. Your words and ideas should have the sparks of brilliance to capture the attention of the people around.

Share Your Secrets

Well, I am not asking you to share what you have done last night. No way! Rather what I am asking you is to share some cool ideas that people are unaware of just to catch them off guard. Once you start sharing cool and creative ideas, it will create a buzz and help you get some reorganization. What else do you want?

thoughtleader How to make yourself believe that you can be a thought leader

You Have To Be An Expert

And I mean it. Really dude, you simply cannot survive long by faking a genius. You need to have real talent or else you should stop daydreaming about emerging as a thought leader in a niche.  You have to give real support and solve issues otherwise people would not really care following you or listening to your trash. Do you have a desire to become an authority in your industry?  Are you trying to be a leader in business? People who pursue high level business degrees like online mba degrees, have a clearer path to becoming an expert then someone who is trying to make a name in an industry without any credentials.  What about teaching? Again, you have to show you have the experience and knowledge to reach the masses effectively.

So, I hope you strongly believe that you have all these qualities, so here are the strategies that you need to incorporate to attain the reorganization that you deserve –

Have a Blog

So, you think yourself as a thought leader and you do not have a blog. Are you serious mate? How on earth, you are supposed to reach out to people if you do not blog on regular basis. Write blog posts that have the sparks of brilliance and should have every resemblance of greatness in the making. Moreover, it will help you give your PR efforts a great push.

It would be great if you can approach other related, high quality and authority sites and post thought provoking content there, it would give a huge push to your popularity.

Be There at Twitter

Okay, I can understand that you hate Twitter but the problem is that it is the place where most active people on earth thrive. So, you have to embrace this platform as there is no getting around. Tweet nice, interesting and catchy ideas that should encourage other people to retweet them and add them to their list. You can never experience the power of twitter unless and until you are there.

Get Active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not another social media site to chill out. It is the place where you connect with industry leaders and therefore, it is of paramount importance that you should feature your core areas of strength properly. Add industry experts, your colleagues and other successful people in your circle and try to get some positive recommendation from them, as it will further strengthen your profile.

Be a Speaker at Local Event

Do not miss the opportunity to give a speech at any local events. It is a great way to gain some sort of endorsements. However, make sure that you are armed with knowledge otherwise, you will ruin this opportunity and bring embarrassment on to you.

Do not let that happen to you. If you have not given any speech in any public event before, you need to get some training before you jump on it. Be confident on your ability and you will just rock!

So, these are some qualities that a wannabe thought leader needs to possess.

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