How to Motivate Your Hospital Employees When Long Hours Start to Get to Them

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Working in a hospital means long hours. This can be exhausting and sometimes even de-motivating. However, it is one of the most satisfying careers you will ever find.

To be able to help people overcome their pain and diseases and see them smiling and laughing with their loved ones is a reward in itself. But sometimes this just isn’t enough. Since you’ve received your online Associate degree in Health Services Administration, you’ve wanted it to be your responsibility to keep the morale high and your employees motivated. This helps quality service at all times.

You have to realize that conventional motivating ideas that many offices use are not suitable in a hospital setup. So forget them and take a look at something different and unique; something that fits seamlessly into the hospital working environment without disrupting daily activities or patient care. What can you do to help make your hospital employees happy, satisfied and content, even if they are putting in 24-hour shifts? Forget courses and seminars. They just don’t work. It is time to think out-of-the-box and catch the bull by the horn.

Employee of the Month
A reward system that acknowledges and appreciates employees can be extremely motivating. You can think about setting up an Employee of the Month award – with food – for each department in the hospital. Have a Hall of Fame that prominently displays a framed photograph of the employee, so that all those who are coming to the hospital can see. Getting kudos from the management means efforts are not being overlooked. Try to set it up in a way that it is actions, not popularity that wins the day.

Monetary Reward
Most join the healthcare industry because of their love for serving others. They are committed to improving healthcare even if they do not usually get paid a huge salary. This is what keeps them going, but piling bills coupled with long working hours can be frustrating and wearisome.

You can easily conduct a poll among patients to find out who they think is the best employee and gift that employee with a small monetary reward. The fact that patients are recommending names would in itself be a motivating factor and get your employees to work even harder. And, the monetary reward would be icing on the cake.

Leadership Opportunities
Hospitals are notorious for not providing employees opportunities to demonstrate their leadership skills. The structure is rigid and hierarchal. You can take the initiative and change this in your hospital. Give opportunities to your employees to demonstrate their leadership abilities and if they succeed, let them have the much-coveted promotion and the title that goes with the promotion. Of course, you need to set guidelines, as to who will be entitled to the opportunities and why.

Using Employee Skills
This may be connected with leadership opportunities, but can also be used on its own. When your hospital employees’ skills are truly used in their respective departments, they will be happier, more productive and contented. This means knowing your employees well and figuring out what they are good at. For instance, if a nurse performs well in out-patient, his or her skills will be under-utilized in ICU. This type of disconnect can be de-motivating and can result in dissatisfaction and under-productivity.

As the hospital administrator, you need to take proactive steps to motivate your employees. If your employees can identify with the hospital’s goal and get opportunities to work towards them, you will have happy and contented employees, who do not mind working long hours. This can be tricky, but it will be rewarding when you can instill love and devotion towards the hospital among your employees.

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