Important Impressions – Why Location Plays A Large Role In Business

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When looking for office space, location is still a priority. In the Australian business landscape, office space rent in premium locations is still relatively high with Melbourne and Sydney having some of the highest rents. Furthermore, businesses that need access to business centres can find themselves priced out of the more prestigious areas because they are not only having to lease space, but they are also having to pay for furnishings, support staff, technologies, utilities, and other amenities.

Fortunately, today’s virtual offices and coworking spaces make it possible for businesses to comfortably lease space on an as-needed basis in some of the most lucrative markets. For instance, Servcorp has premium office spaces in the best buildings in the world, much less the country, making it actually feasible to move an office into places like Hong Kong, New York, London, and other markets known for excessively high rents. Even with all of this expense, location is of import, and for some businesses, is the end-all to determining whether or not they are successful.

Keep reading to learn why the location of your office is essential to business growth.

Access To Resources

Access to resources is one of the central reasons the location of your office is important. Businesses that are placed in the middle of cities that hold a diverse array of businesses can benefit from just the daily interactions that come from working in the building. Smaller businesses that occupy spaces in the same buildings as large corporations can benefit from getting referrals, getting contact information on those-in-the-know, and other important people.

Furthermore, resources related to running your business daily are also within arm’s reach. If you need a notary, you are more likely to find one in a business centre than anywhere else, Delivery and pick-up companies always have routes going through the city. In the end, being in a prestigious location places businesses in an area where resources are accessible.

Dress To Impress

Being a highly sought after location can do wonders for your company’s image. For one, it reflects the seriousness and professionalism of your office. More significantly, it places you among giants in their field, which can make an imposing presence on the public. Having an office that is fitted out with the latest technologies and the finest furnishings speaks to success, even if you fake it until you make it.

Branding Significance

While you can build a brand from any location, your location can impress upon the public particular ideas about the brand’s identity. For example, retailers catering to a specific crowd are going to place their businesses close to areas that convey that particular image. If you are selling skater apparel, then naturally you are going to want to be in a place where that market naturally exists just to build your brand’s image. In essence, while it should play a small role, in cases where your image can really impact your customer’s perception of your brand’s identity, location is very important.

Access To Customers

Finally, a place that provides you access to clients is another reason why location matters. Businesses that are located close to shopping areas, transit, and other businesses can benefit from the foot-traffic that naturally ebbs and flows in the area. These areas can be natural feeders into your business, making it necessary for some businesses to be as close as possible to business centres.

The Significance Of Location

Location is still a major part of whether a business succeeds, even though modern advances in the serviced office have made it possible to work from anywhere. In this era, it is still very important to have access to the people and tools needed to run a business, even when these locations can be excessively expensive. Fortunately, new office platforms have made it possible for smaller businesses to keep up with the Joneses.


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