Industrial Safety Training Saves Money

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Safety Training Industrial Safety Training Saves MoneyMany industrial injuries and illnesses are preventable.  Proper training, along with following directions from that training, can go a long way towards preventing accidents.  The cost of the most serious accidents was estimated at over $1 billion per week in 2008,* based on workers compensation payouts.  It does not include additional corporate costs from lawsuits and lost productivity.  The return on investment for industrial safety training is quite high and companies, as well as public and non-profit organization, could save a great deal of money by investing in such training.

The outsourcing of industrial safety training can be a good use of money if the right trainer is chosen.  Training companies offer experts with many years of experience, people who are already up the learning curve and who earn their livelihoods in that particular industry.  For convenience purposes, your staff can learn online, in-person or have the training firm create customized training.

Customized training works very well for some companies because their particular manufacturing or industrial situations have nuances that may need special accommodation.  The best outsource training firms provide a state of the art facility where trainees can visit to benefit from customized programs.

Often, a training organization will provide both OSHA and other safety training.  Check to see if they have both the OSHA 10 and 30 courses for the Construction and General Industries.  HAZWOPER 8, 24 and 40 course availability is critical, as well.  Costs should range from about $9-10/hour of instruction per person.  It is also good if the firm provides training in rescue, first aid, hazmat and others.

It is most important that instructors are properly trained.  The best industrial safety training organizations provide their own training and certifications to their instructors.  Make sure that the company to whom you outsource your safety training possesses all of the necessary qualities for improving safety at your firm.

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