Information and Guidelines On International Moving

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3 300x199 Information and Guidelines On International Moving

More and more Americans are deciding and opting to live abroad. In 2006, it was estimates that 4 million people were living outside the United States because they were interested by the different pace of life, peculiar culture or lower living costs. But, whatever the reason is if you are thinking about moving abroad you must be fully prepared to avoid hassles and problems about all your possessions.

How to Find an International Mover

One of the most important decisions you have to make is on how to choose a good and reliable international mover. You have to compare at least 3 movers to review and find the best one that suits your budget and needs. Make a decision on what type of service you want to go with: door-to-door, door- to-port or port- to-door. Then, you must check out the validity of the companies you chose. They should own essential licensing and documentation for domestic and foreign businesses.

You can ask the agent if they own their own trucks and vehicles or do they use subcontractors, which might create a security risk later on. Never settle with a service company that possesses this. Also you must check whether they have an office in the country you are planning to move to, in case you need to make a claim or find further advice for you next move.

What Items To Ship

When moving, only pack what you have room for in your new home. If you can get the floors plans in your new home, this will help you make a decision on what will fit and what won’t. You shouldn’t ship important items like your documents, firearms, jewelry and live plants and seeds, for which you may need to have a license or have them isolated.

When moving, you can select to ship your stuff or to use consolidation. The first option you can choose is to rent your own metal shipping container which usually has a size of 20×40 feet from a steamship liner, and then the international mover fills it up and loads your things onto the ship. You are not therefore responsible for all expenses regardless of whether you use all of the space or not. The consolidation is a means of cutting back the costs as your goods are stored with others to maximize space and share the expense. You can find other sizes at

Additional Considerations

When moving internationally, you must bring with you all the necessary documents like your passports, medical certificates, export forms and marriage certificate. Don’t forget to check the visa and immigration requirements of your chosen country and make sure that you have the important records. Best to consult with the experts like Florida moving company today.

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