Is Your Business too Slow?

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If you are running a business you have to be able to keep up with the competition in order to survive. There are millions of small businesses out there, often all fighting for the same markets. As money is tight in the country right now it is more important than ever for you to outshine the competition if you want to be taken seriously. Sadly, there is one area that is holding back many excellent business owners, and that’s the speed of the Internet connection used by the company.

slow Is Your Business too Slow?

Internet Speed, is it Really Important?

You may think being able to get online quickly is the last thing you need to worry about, however this is not the case. These days it’s vital that you have the Internet, especially if you’re working from home, and it’s also vital that you are able to work productively and quickly. Your competitors may take a couple of minutes to receive an email and reply to it whereas it could take you several more minutes just to load up the page.

A slow internet connection means you’re wasting a lot of time as it eats into your productivity. If you add up all the minutes in the day you’re sat waiting for the screen to load you’d probably be in for a bit of a surprise. If there are more of you working in the office the time wasted will be huge! This time wastage is costing you money, eating into the morale of your team and more importantly it’s costing you customers.

Providing Value is the Key

You have to remember that consumers are savvy when it comes to using the Internet to their advantage. They want to make their money go as far as possible, they want the very best deals and they expect excellent customer service on top. In order to find all this they’re working online investigating firms, testing customer support and finding the best deals for them. If you take a long time to reply to live chat on your website or are unable to answer their questions as quickly as your competitors you will have lost a client or a sale. This will repeat time and time again until you’re able to work as quickly as modern consumers now demand.



What Should You Be Doing?

If you are in business, working from home or a small office it is worth improving your internet connection to a better package. You want the highest speed that’s available in the area and you also want to receive excellent customer support and hardware.

Check your current speeds to see what you’re paying for before you begin your search. Once you know the speed you’re experiencing at the moment you’ll be able to find a much better service that gives you more. Use a broadband speed test and compare the figures with your package and then start comparing the deal with others that are available. Ideally all businesses need to be on fibre optic, especially if you want to provide the best work environments, customer service and show your competition you really do mean business.




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