Is Your Office Detrimental to Your Employees’ Productivity?

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Both Apple and Samsung have recently faced criticism surrounding the working conditions of those employed at the factories abroad where their products are manufactured. Not even household names are immune from the law, and they will be forced to involve themselves in altering the conditions accordingly. Whilst, generally speaking, offices in the UK provide very good working conditions, there are some basic things that slip under the radar of business owners and consequently create a flawed environment which could affect their workforce’s productivity.


An excess of carbon dioxide in an office space can cause headaches, a lack of concentration and drowsiness. A poorly ventilated room can also result in the circulation of bacteria, meaning if one of your employees falls ill, others are likely to catch the infection too and you could be left with a half empty office. So, it’s in your best interest as a business owner to ensure your offices are well ventilated if you want your workforce to reach maximum productivity. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on ventilation systems, simply opening the windows will do. If your windows are difficult to reach, then you can still make use of them by having electric window openers fitted; they’ll open at the press of a button so your employees don’t have to risk falling by standing on chairs to simply let some air in.


Considering that 80% of the brain is made up of water, it’s no surprise that when you’re dehydrated, your concentration takes a big hit. Headaches, tiredness and sore eyes from staring at a computer screen are all signs that your body needs more water, and it’s certain that if your employees are suffering from these symptoms of dehydration, they’re not working as effectively as they could be. Having a water cooler in the office is a good way to encourage your employees to stay hydrated, but tea making facilities are just as good. According to a study, tea and water are equally as hydrating, so having both should ensure you cater for everybody.


Your company should have a supply of back supports and different chairs for your employees to ensure they don’t suffer any muscular or posture problems as a result of sitting at their desks all day. If they do suffer from medical problems as a result of bad ergonomics in the workplace, your company could be taken to court for not providing the appropriate working conditions, so it’s important you look into investing in some support.

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