Loading Dock Woes: How to Counter Them And Make Money

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78 300x197 Loading Dock Woes: How to Counter Them And Make MoneyThere are few challenges faced in a loading dock area in any facility. One of the greatest challenges is the height difference between the vehicle and the warehouse or storage facility floor. You find yourself in a quagmire since the different vehicles have different heights therefore you cannot construct a standard height level. There are different ways to counter this but one of them stands out in terms of accessibility, durability and efficiency.

Below are things that you need to understand about the specific equipment.

  • Understand your need

Dock boards are generally made of steel, therefore enhancing their capability to withstand more weight and pressure. Unlike their counterparts the dock plates, which are made of aluminum, they are specially made to withstand heavy equipment and are industry customized. When heavy material is being moved, you should ensure that the safety of your staff as well as your property should always be in mind. The way the boards are constructed, slippage is handled in that a diamond shape pattern is embossed to prevent wheel slip when the machines are going up or down the board. There is also the T-bar legs that are placed in between the dock and truck gap and lock on to secure the vehicle.

  • Tackle issue smartly

There are different kinds that can be used for different purposes. For instance, we have both rails and ramp boards. Depending on your kind of job, you can opt for any of them or a combination of both. Your work handling heavy material becomes easy and very convenient in that the board helps you bridge the gap between the dock and the vehicle hence making the movement very easy. Due to the portability feature in these boards, they can be moved from one area to another using a forklift due to the heavy nature of the steel.

Interestingly, they can be leveled differently to fit the different heights at any given time. They can then be laid flat on the floor when not in use. You can even have your own customized board to fit your working environment and kind of material. For instance, if you require angle-parking boards, then you can request for the same with a given size. Due to their strength factor, they tend to have a long life and should be maintained well to avoid reducing their lifespan.

  • What to expect

The general advantages are that with the board, you are able to handle work more conveniently, faster and safely without the worry of damage. The type of vehicle and material to be moved usually determines the kind of board to be used. If you are not sure, it is advisable to always go for the wider length. That way you stand a chance of countering the length issue. They also come with additional features like lift chains when you decide to purchase or rent the boards with wielded curbs. Other accessories include locks that span manually and also allow up to six inches for adjustment.

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Simon is a licensed librarian who moved to her current location about a year ago. His husband works at a local workshop that supplies courier and movers companies with the equipment they use in their work. This includes the dock boards and hydraulic lift tables.

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