Mobile Shredding Services Come to Your Business

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When your business is considering its plan for data disposal it is smart to start with using the services of a mobile shredding company. Mobile shredders will come to your place of business to shred documents and digital files without interrupting your flow of business. Performing the task onsite eliminates the possibility of a mishap after the materials leave the business. A mobile shredding vehicle will efficiently destroy confidential information on the premises so that the service can be visually verified. The type of shredder used to destroy the documents assures that they cannot be reconstructed. Professional shredding services provided are performed by uniformed and bonded customer service representatives. The materials are then taken to another location where they are recycled. Once shredding services are completed you will be issued a Certificate of Destruction and Guarantee of Recycling. Mobile shredders can assure that documents containing sensitive information are disposed of effectively to protect the privacy of staff, clients and company.

 Mobile Shredding Services Come to Your Business

Document shredding services are performed by staff members who are aware of the dangers of mishandling or carelessly disposing of documents. Identity theft and fraud have become a large problem for individuals as well as for businesses. Individuals who fail to properly dispose of bank statements, credit card statements and other documentation are at risk of identity theft or fraud. Businesses store confidential information about clients, accounting details and sometimes classified information. These documents require safe disposal to maintain security. In addition, there are legal ramifications involved with mishandling information. Legislation has been enacted that requires businesses to comply with specific security measures when handling and disposing of sensitive information.

Document shredding is also environmentally friendly and can be conducted in line with your corporate green initiatives. The residue generated from shredding paper can be reused to make other materials or for producing natural fertilizer. It may sometimes be used as packing materials in place of styrofoam or peanuts. Recycling shredded paper can help reduce the number of trees being cut for the manufacture of paper. If you are looking for the best paper shredding services in Markham, Ontario Absolute Destruction and Recycling Corp. is a data destruction company that works to recycle shredded paper and issues a certificate to document the process.

Mobile shredders are cost effective. They free up time for full time staff members. Many businesses need to keep specific documents for a specified number of years. When purging these documents, it is usually done in bulk. Outsourcing the service is less expensive than paying a full time staff member to babysit a shredder for hours at a time. Office space used for document storage can be expensive so eliminating documents and other papers that are no longer needed makes good business sense. Absolute Destruction and Recycling Corp. is considered to be the best shredding company in Toronto and can quickly remove unnecessary papers that are taking up extra space at a time convenient for the customer. They provide free security consoles and containers. In addition to paper shredding, Absolute Destruction and Recycling Corp. also offers electronic data destruction.


Author Bio:  Cliff Dawling writes on business from the perspective of having held many high profile positions within the Canadian business sector over the past few decades.  One surprising thing that Cliff learned about effective management was to always set up proper data destruction, to protect employees and clients, and he would always research the best shredding company in his area to complete the task.  Cliff recommends that for the best paper shredding services in Markham, Ontario you should contact the team at Absolute Destruction.

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