No Need to Fear Fast Service or Roaming Charges

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Here in the UK, we have certainly become well accustomed to using our mobile phones, arguably more than even our home or office phones. As many of us have become utterly reliant on our smartphones or even tablets, we surf the Internet with a passion but also want to be able to have the fastest connection speed possible. Nobody wants to sit around counting to 10 while a particular site loads on their device. For this, you need the latest and fastest technology available, which is universally referred to as 4G, or fourth-generation. While it is a relatively new technology, operators in the UK have been anxious to get their 4G networks established as quickly as possible, as to not lose customers to the competition. It Is, therefore, no surprise that 3UK, one of the leading mobile operators, has started deploying 4G service in major cities across the UK. What is surprising is that they haven’t really publicised the fact very much.


cards No Need to Fear Fast Service or Roaming Charges


Start Quietly and Cover the Entire Country


In just the last few days, 3UK has been quietly deploying their 4G service in four cities: London, Manchester, Reading and Birmingham. It takes a lot of manpower and investment to provide the service everywhere, so it makes sense to start with major urban centres first. However, they plan on having over 50 cities completely covered by the end of 2014, and 98% of the land completely covered by the end of 2015. To take advantage of this extremely fast connection, customers must have a fairly modern mobile device which can capture this 4G signal. As these types of devices have only been introduced in the UK over the last year, it may very well be that customers decide to upgrade their models to take advantage of this extremely fast connection. If they do, they will find that web pages will load almost instantly, and their calls will be crisp and clear.


You, Too, Can Feel at Home


3UK has a program called “Feel at Home,” which allows UK residents travelling overseas to avoid the expensive roaming charges that they often incur in a foreign country. When the service was launched in August, only seven countries were part of the program. Interestingly enough, they are somewhat of a hodgepodge: Italy, Ireland, Hong Kong, Sweden, Denmark, Austria and Australia. But now, they have added four more countries, which will delight their customers: the United States, Macau, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. Again, possibly a strange choice of countries, but having the United States on the list will probably be meaningful for a lot of customers.


Leveraging the Power of Mobile Devices


Most companies in the UK have come to the realisation that they can no longer rely on paper documents to efficiently perform all of their work. They have come to the logical conclusion that digitising all of their information, so that it is available to people out of the office or even in another country, is essential. With these new networks and, in some cases, no roaming charges, information can be accessed quickly and easily. A company that can be trusted to convert your company’s paper information into digital form is They can provide you with a quick and efficient service, making your company even more effective and profitable in the long run.
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