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These days, there are a number of ways to promote your business effectively. One of the best and easiest is through the use of store signs. It is among the simplest, fastest, and most cost effective forms of business advertising and promotion. Of course, you also need to ensure that your signs get noticed. This can be done by making them bold, big, and different than the typical signs. Here are some ideas for ways to make your signage stand out from the crowd. 

Promoting Your Business 300x294 Promoting Your Business Use Various Sizes:

One of the best tips is to use a variety of sizes. This goes both for the signs themselves as well as the lettering, images, and other elements that go into your sign. Big bold letters and bright colors can certainly catch the eye of a passer-by. However, you also need to make sure that it is different enough to stop them in their tracks and get them to walk into your store or business.

Using Sidewalk Signs:

If there is a lot of foot or street traffic a sidewalk sign can be an excellent idea. When combined with a bold headline or lettering and colors that attract attention, this will capture the eye of people walking and driving by. Even if potential customers are occupied or too busy at the moment to drop in they may very well remember your business and make a mental note to stop by later. Having such an appealing sidewalk sign can also be a way to capture repeated views as visitors tend to travel the same routes frequently, meaning they will see your sign many times and eventually be compelled to walk in.

Window Signs & Banners:

Putting signs and banners in the window of your establishment can also attract attention. You have a high degree of freedom here as to making these types of signage unique and appealing to the eye. Use bold colors and unique lettering to make them stand out. The main thing is to be different from everyone else. Broadcast a special event or a price break to further compel people into visiting your business.

LED Signs:

LED signs have grown tremendously in popularity in recent years. This will allow you to use an incredibly high quality level of videos and graphics that will easily attract attention. Of course, you most likely do not need something as elaborate as a Las Vegas hotel, but those are great examples of what can be done with LED signage.

Consider how an LED sign can be used with your particular products and services. For example, a restaurant owner might want to list some of their most popular menus items right on the sign. There are even LED signs that have a backlit writing board attached, allowing you to easily change for a daily or weekly special. Even something as simple as a colorful LED open sign might be able to set you apart from the competition.

Keep all of these tips and factors in mind when choosing your signage. Even something as seemingly irrelevant as a sign holder can have an impact on the overall look and feel. When promoting your business always make sure that your signs are placed in areas that will maximize their visibility by potential customers. Also, think about using a variety of different types of signs from sidewalk options to window signs (and banners) and even in-store options that will keep the attention of customers and ensure they have an excellent shopping experience.

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