Registered Office Address: Is it Really Worth It?

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Today, more and more people are investing in a registered office address to complement their business. It is particularly beneficial for anyone who is self-employed and works from home, or those who travel around a lot with work and don’t have one particular base.

There is a cost to having a registered office address which can vary depending on your location. Many people are quite strapped for cash at the moment, so you have to decide whether this is really a worthwhile investment. 

Professional Appearance

One of the biggest advantages of having a registered office address is that it makes your business appear a lot more professional. When someone sees a home address listed as the point of contact, this immediately leads them to assume that the business obviously can’t be that professional or successful.

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Registering your office address is important.

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If you choose to have a registered office address, customers can use that address to get in touch; this makes the company seem more professional and formal. This could help you draw in more customers who previously might have seen a home address and simply carried on looking for a different company.

At the registered office address your business’ name and logo will also be displayed, which is something else that adds to your reputation. This means that should any customer deliver post by hand, they will be greeted with a professional appearance.

Increases Your Privacy

Another reason that many people consider having a registered office address as incredibly worthwhile is that it increases your privacy. Many people don’t like the idea of having their home address available for all the public to see, especially when they have a family at home. Having a registered office address is a great way to keep home and work life separate and gives you and your family a lot more privacy.

Whilst most customers will probably be extremely happy with your service, in the long run it is quite probable that one person might be unhappy or disgruntled with something. Having a registered office address helps you keep your family safe and reduces any worries that you might have – no matter how small or probably unfounded. 

You Can Use It Anywhere

Registered office addresses can be used absolutely anywhere and this adds to the professionalism of your company, as previously mentioned. You can obviously make it publicly available to your customers, but it can also be the address used on all legal documentation related to your business, including the Companies House Register (a legal registration requirement in the UK for all limited companies).

As well as this, you can use the address on letterheads and invoices when dealing with customers. You can also create stationary with the address, such as pens and notebooks, as well as putting it on any car stickers, or on the side of a work van. If you drive around a lot with your business, this can be a great form of advertisement. 

Fantastic Stability

Having a registered office address also brings a very helpful stability to your company. If you simply had your home address this would change whenever you moved house, and informing the various companies as well as changing any stationary etc can be time consuming and expensive.

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Make sure you get everything with your office spot on.

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With a registered office address if you move, nothing needs to change. The only people you might need to inform is the company providing the registered address, a provider such as who can then update the details. This is particularly important if you have paid the small amount extra to have your post forwarded to you, as you don’t want them sending it to the wrong place.



With so many benefits it’s easy to see why so many businesses are choosing to have a registered office address. A worthwhile investment, a registered office address lends added professionalism, convenience and security to your business.




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