Rejuvenate your business cards with one of these top trends

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In business it has never been more important to stand out from the crowd, making yourself memorable to potential clients. An eye catching business card is a small but effective way to make sure you are remembered in the long term. A creative business card could land you an important client!
business card Rejuvenate your business cards with one of these top trends
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1. Avoid generic business cards
While a plain printed card has its place in passing on important contact details, it certainly won’t make your encounter memorable or reflect your company’s character. Handing over a well designed and unusual business card will ensure your potential client looks at it again and what’s more if it is interesting enough they may show it other colleagues and potential clients.

Take some time to think about the type of business you have and what sort of image you are trying to project and then you can move forward with a design and business cards printing. Interactive business cards are the number one trend in business cards at the minute. Adding a puzzle or some element of play into the card will capture peoples’ attention. Ideas include cards with a tear off portion, creating different effects by using different materials, pull out portions and even origami type cards which can be folded into a different shape. 3D printing will make interactive cards even more popular as people find even more innovative ways to use it.

Typographic cards are a new trend in business cards printing. Text becomes more than plain type. The typography itself is so beautiful the business card needs no other adornment. The typography may be engraved, embossed or foiled but the beauty remains in the design of the font.

2. Paper is not the only medium
Paper or card is not the only medium for business cards. More unusual materials can be incorporated into a clever design. Using materials like wood, steel, silver, rubber, leather, cloth, plastic or even x-rays can create a unique and original business card. These types of card can be cleverly adopted by industries that use that particular material. They allow for versatility in shape and design and you can even use a combination of materials to add depth and texture.

Advances in mobile technology and the fact that a large proportion of people use a smart phone has made the use of QR codes popular in business cards, allowing the business owner to add more information, perhaps access to deals or quirky gimmicks through scanning the code on the card. Whatever is on them, it is sure to make the recipient curious enough to scan it to find out.

3. Simple but effective
Sometimes simple design is as appealing as something unique. Just using a well designed die cut card can create something beautiful and memorable. A picture printed on your card can show off interior design, furniture design and architecture. Changing the print layout from the traditional vertical, to horizontal or diagonal can create eye catching designs too. Folded cards give you more space for information. If you are going to print business cards useĀ Eco business cards printingĀ to consider the environment.


Anna Mathews writes regularly on design for a range of technology and design websites and blogs and uses Eco business cards printing herself.

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