Right place, right time

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Taking the decision to be self employed is difficult and easy at the same time. What’s not to love about being your own boss, setting your own hours and doing something you actually enjoy? But on the other hand, how will you manage financially, will you end up working all hours, what if you can’t make your business a success? You may have left employment voluntarily or through compulsory redundancy, but being out there on your own can feel nerve-wracking when you’re used to being cushioned by employment law and a regular pay packet.

Your profession may be something which is easily translated into self employment or perhaps you are entering totally new territory with a great new idea or product you want to get off the ground. Once you have your idea, you need to develop a business plan, which will outline how much you propose to make in profits over the next five years (your first year probably won’t show much in the way of profit) and how you plan to do this via marketing, advertising and expansion. From here, you need to find yourself some suitable premises.

Tailor-made space

space 300x91 Right place, right time
The Government has plenty of advice for start ups to help you discover the best ways to find a place from which to operate – including information about renting and buying business premises. You need a space which fits your business – if you hold lots of client meetings and need privacy, then you need somewhere with a dedicated meeting room. If you are making products then you need the room and the facilities to work effectively. If you are employing lots of people then you need enough space to house everyone. It isn’t rocket science really, just apply a little common sense and think about where your business will be in the future. There’s no point getting a tiny space if you’re planning to expand rapidly in the next year or so.

Consider a business park

Many new businesses are well placed on a business park – these tend to be located at the edges of city and town centres. The advantage of these premises is that they usually include parking and tend to offer an array of different-sized offices with facilities and services. Options are vast in number. Most business parks have their own websites that address a whole host of questions for prospective buyers. There is plenty of information about different locations online, with sites such as arlingtonbusinessparkreading.com offering all you need to know about the amenities and availability of offices on the park.

Most business parks are set in pleasant surroundings, and some even offer extra facilities such as gyms, cafes, restaurants and bars. You can also often access reception services and utilities as part of your overall fee. This can be much easier as a start up than trying to negotiate with different utility companies and juggling several monthly bills.

Your premises say a lot about you as a business, so it is worth spending some time researching just what is best for you, giving your clients and customers a good impression when they visit.


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