Searching for office space for your company is an exciting venture

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There is a great deal to consider. No doubt you will want somewhere which provides your staff with a pleasant working environment but you will also require somewhere that is cost effective to run. It has to be ideally placed for clients as well as staff, secure and affordable. How do you begin to track down the perfect spot in which your business can flourish?

The daily commute

If your business is to be located in a large city you will need to think about the daily commute for your staff. Is the office easy to get to by bus, train or tube? Will the commute be difficult for staff? If they are driving to work, will there be easy low cost parking facilities for them? Does the traffic become congested in the surrounding area? Staff who arrive late and grumpy because of their journey will be less productive and unlikely to stay with your firm for long.

Location, location

There are many questions to consider here. Think of the image a particular location presents. Obviously desirable locations are more expensive to rent but it may be that the kudos they give your company makes them cost efficient. What are the neighbours like both within the office block and outside? A neighboring night club might cause problems for example. You may not want to be too close to competing firms should you wish to keep your clients and your staff to yourself. Is the office in a relatively low crime area? Your staff need to feel safe when they are arriving to work and leaving. What about local amenities? Are there places for your staff to go to during their lunch breaks? Places to eat, for example, a park perhaps, a bank and some shops? Remember that if your staff are unhappy in their working environment they are not likely to stay. Training new staff is expensive and time consuming.

 Searching for office space for your company is an exciting venture

Within the office

Having found the right location for your business, you can begin to find the perfect office. Go for the largest space you can reasonably afford. If your business is at all likely to grow and you pick somewhere too small, it is probable that you will have to go through the whole costly process of moving again before too long. Search for somewhere that is light and airy. A small, dark and cramped space will lead to disgruntled staff and clients. Think carefully about facilities for staff. The lavatory and wash area must be clean and inviting. Is there a kitchen? Staff will need an area in which they can make themselves drinks and heat food in a microwave oven.

First impressions

If clients are likely to visit your offices regularly, what will their initial impression be? Can the reception area become sufficiently welcoming and impressive with the right d├ęcor? First impressions count, of course and if you want your business to succeed, finding the perfect office space will be the first of many important steps along the way.

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