Selecting the Right Concierge – A Tough Call

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Which concierge agency to opt for can be a tough question? This is especially when you are out of your own country on a foreign trip, with no knowledge. A few years back, there was a research organized by Les Clefs d’Or, the premier professional organization for concierges, which emphasized on a few qualities for the good concierge. This write up is confined to the concierge services associated with the hotels in the Unites States.

The Golden Key Pin On The Lapel:

The Les Clefs d’Or members wear the golden keys on their lapels. But this cannot be known until the guest arrives at the hotel in person. Some of the travel guides highlight the hotels with the Les Clefs d’Or properties in their listings. These hotels have 4-star or 5-star ratings usually. Some of the top hotels with Les Clefs d’Or listing in the bigger cities can even boast of a 7-star mark.

Other than the travel guides, referring the press releases can give an idea about the Les Clefs d’Or properties for certain hotels.

The Professionalism in the Concierges:

To qualify as Les Clefs d’Or concierge, there are certain criteria to be met. There must be a good experience working as the lobby level concierge, after which the employee needs to pass the written examination. The tests cover the questions on wine, menus, airlines, florists and problem solving. If not cleared, the candidate needs to wait for a year before reapplying. The Les Clefs d’Or concierges thus maintain the expected professionalism and the knowledge. They tend to create a right balance between the work and the free time.

They prefer talking to their clients over the phone before their trip. This is to make sure that they know in advance of the customers’ specific needs, if any. They also enquire about the schedule and the planned activities their customers have in the agenda. Further, the concierges recommend the direction to get the most out of their trips. The very experienced concierges develop good relations with the governing agencies as well. Being on a good rapport with the Police Department, the Airlines or the tour organizers can help the concierge to serve his guests better.

Offering Tips?

This can be tricky. There is no official policy as to whether the concierge should be tipped. There were a few different outcomes from the different Les Clefs d’Or concierges when interviewed about the point of tipping:

  • A few answered that they do not prefer cash tips. Instead, the guests’ gratuity in the form of gifts was welcome.
  • A few of them suggested that they valued the repeated visit of the guests better than any gifts.
  • Some of the concierges were offered the stay by the various guests in their properties. This included the guests from all the parts of the world.
  • A few felt encouraged when tipped at the start of the stay. They said that helped them carry on with their activities better.
  • A majority of the concierges were fine with the cash tipping at the end of the guests’ stay.

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