Spaces for Young Entrepreneurs Spring up in London

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london business Spaces for Young Entrepreneurs Spring up in London


Great ideas need a place to flourish. A hub where the right people can run into each other and create the mix of ambition and inspiration needed to get the next game-changing concept off the ground. London aims to bounce back from the slump in higher education admissions and workplace progression by starting up several new spaces where young people can meet, learn from each other and become serious about being entrepreneurs.


St. Katherine Docks


The Rainmaking Loft in St Katherine Docks is due to play host to a space funded by supermarket behemoth Tesco. The supermarket insists it is involved purely as a financial backer and that it will not choose startups based on any internal criteria, but they do say that they hope that their business problems can help provide thinking points for the hardware technology and ideas produced by the Rainmaking Loft. The open place workspace is now accepting applications from ambitious people wanting to network with the similarly minded. The innovative nature of the project will hopefully create a place to rival Silicone Roundabout’s




This new 3D printing and maker workshop aims to foster learning and professional skills in young people who want or need to take alternative routes into design and making careers. The public workspace will offer access to 3D printers – a fantastically new and exciting technology that will change the frontiers of design, retail, art and more beyond. The space also offers low cost rental spaces to those who design and make – with a wide remit of what is considered ‘designing and making’. It is sure to be one of the most interesting projects of 2013/2014.


London Entrepreneurs Meetup


This offshoot of the Meetup network invites people to come ‘connect, learn, grow’ as per its motto. The Meetup concept itself (it allows anyone to create a meetup centered around a white label booking system, calendar, content management system, etc) This event is a social mecca for those looking to meet people to help them with building, funding, or just a chance for the industrious entrepreneur to get their head out of their laptop and kick back for an evening.


Being an entrepreneur – with the mobile lifestyle and ‘work for yourself’ mentality is perhaps the defining ‘career’ of our age. The theme of entrepreneurship has received repeated media attention over the past five years, a symptom of a shaky post-crash career landscape and the influence of tech success stories such as Apple, Facebook and countless others. The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, recently launched a search to find entrepreneurs who deal in sustainable business practices. Some people chose to become an entrepreneur straight out of school or college; others choose to do their time in the corporate world before embarking on the adventure. Going into this style of work is the ultimate ‘you get back what you put in’ career – and that’s perhaps why it resonates so strongly with the independent generation that will be launching the technologies of tomorrow.



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