The Benefits of Working as a Nanny Abroad

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3 300x199 The Benefits of Working as a Nanny AbroadBeing a nanny can be challenging. It’s a role that requires a lot of concentration, flexibility and patience. But, as challenging as being a nanny can be, it’s also incredibly rewarding. As a nanny, you can get a huge sense of satisfaction from making such a positive impact on a child’s life. When you take on nanny jobs abroad, you get the opportunity to experience a whole host of benefits:

Build Relationships

As a nanny, you almost become a new member of your host family. You are likely to develop relationships with the children you are looking after, and you may also form friendships with your employers and their extended family. You may also get to know other families in the neighbourhood, and build relationships that will last a lifetime.

Personal Gratification

As well as building a relationship with your host family, you also have the opportunity to make an important and lasting impression on their children. As their nanny, not only will you look after the children, you will also play a role in their education and help shape their character. Most international families choose an English nanny because they want their children to grow up bilingual. Teaching a child to speak English is incredibly rewarding and a great achievement.

High Standard of Living

Nannies that work with international families generally enjoy a very high standard of living. As a nanny working abroad, you are likely to receive a very competitive salary and have your own house or apartment to stay in. You may also get the opportunity to travel internationally with your host family, so you could get to see even more of the world at no extra cost.


When you work as a nanny abroad, it’s likely that most of your day to day expenses will be paid for. A house or apartment is often included with the job, along with meals on the days you are working. Because of this, you may be able to put a large proportion of your salary into savings. This could set you up nicely for the future, and allow you to treat yourself occasionally.

Experience Another Country

When you work as a nanny abroad, you get the chance to see a new country and an entirely different culture. You will get to experience what ‘real life’ is like in that country, and gain a wealth of unique experience. Your language skills are likely to improve, as well as your understanding of the world as a whole. Once you register with an international nanny agency, you could end up working anywhere.

Being a nanny abroad can be tough, but it brings many unique benefits. Working abroad will give you a better understanding of other countries and cultures, and help you have a clearer picture of the life you want when you return home. You will also get the chance to form lasting relationships, help shape a child’s future and get paid well for the privilege.

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