The Relationship Between Social Media and SEO

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Social media and SEQ are two edges of the same sword. Many search engine optimisation companies in Sydneyare recognising the beneficial effect each can have on the other. The truth is that web users spend much of their time on social media.

According to a study, 18% of total time spent online is spent on social media. This means that people are finding new ways to land on websites rather than just SEO. Here are five important ways social media is slowly changing the face of the traditional SEO industry and how it is being slowly being recognised as a major factor in how people search for information, interact, and convert.

1. Personalized search results

If you are logged onto a Google account, you are more likely to get personalised search results thrown at you by default. These personalized results have a massive impact on the online behaviour of an individual. For example, if you are searching for a sport shoe, you will see the top-ranked results that your friends have +1ed. If you are looking for pictures of diet foods, you will see your friend’s new daily visual diet calendar on Google+. These personalised search results reaffirm the fact that search engine optimization is slowly losing out on primary influence.

2.  Social Media is the birthplace of viral

Search engine optimisation companies in Sydney will tell you that viral content, clips or trends all seem to have left their impact on the web. And social media is the birthplace of the viral trend. Nothing becomes viral unless it is shared and nothing is shared unless it finds itself on social media. This seems like a tricky catch 22 situation but it works. Remember, SEO tactics can never successful create viral content. But social media can.

3.    The Social Foundation of Local Search

Local search has undergone a makeover with the advent of Yahoo! Local and Google Places. The results that these sites deliver are based on social interaction and the weight of individual and business social profiles. It is evident from Yelp ratings, Facebook check-ins, and Foursquare interaction, that local search now depends largely on social involvement.

4.    The Impact of Google+

Google+ is one of the most powerful social forces on the Internet today. Though platforms like Facebook may have a bigger market share, Google+ has a bigger ownership in terms of search power. It will be wise to remember that Google writes algorithms, Facebook doesn’t. In addition to that, Google+ isn’t just a social network, but a personalized web experience that integrates every interaction with Google products. This makes it a viable social media tool that can inevitably boost SEO.

5.    Social network searches

According to search engine optimisation companies in Sydney, social channels make up a lot of our social interaction. Apart from using Google to search for websites, you are also landing up on them by clicking links posted by Facebook friends, viewing Tumblr accounts, and clicking links on Twitter.

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