Top 10 Positive Traits of Freight Management Software Tool

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There is different type of freight management software tools available in the market. Almost 95% of this software tool development is based upon similar principle and their features are also almost similar in nature. These tools are designed to save a lot of time and money as there are no hidden costs involved. Let’s discuss ten positive factors for using such a software tool:

Best freight selection tool – This software tool offers the most economical carrier for every single consignment using the very unique freight selector tool for comparing the existing carrier rater available in the system. Simply watch the software tool’s demonstration to observe the very easy and effective features of it that helps in minimizing the freight cost.

Provides queries through example report generation – Most of these software tools have the ability to create customized reports through QBE (Query by Example). Once the report is created, it can be easily saved in different formats including the very unique .csv. The report can be also sent through email or via FTP server to some other location.

Rate the maintenance – This option allows the user to control specific carrier rates. Always remember that carrier rates do increases by a certain amount and the percentage can be easily post dated. It is also possible to import new rates from specific templates being generated from the FMS Dispatcher customized with carrier zone being already defined.

WAN connection – The software tool allows multiple warehouses to be linked with terminal services, Citrix or even running the client software directly. This basically allows any of the National logistic managers to have complete visibility over every single freight movement irrespective of their dispatching location.

Account reconciliation-   The software tool can be very helpful in identifying the pricing errors with much of ease. In fact, this is a very important feature of such software tools.

Proposed carrier rate analysis – The software tool helps in comparing potential new carriers against the existing carrier’s original historical charges, and also helps in creating template for the proposed carrier to fill with the revised rates. This template is then imported & prices generated for every single consignment with the specified date range, costs, and savings are displayed. This helps in providing accurate image of the implication of using this specific carrier.

Advanced shipping notice – The software tool can be used for creating an email for the customers to notify them about the order dispatching issues. Specific consignment note information about the carrier can also be included in the email.

High compatibility – This software tool is totally compatible with most of the carrier label & file formats. Moreover, it has the ability to manifest & change each single carrier within a short time limit.

Best support – The after sales support is totally managed through remote log-in and there is no usage of ticket system for every single call since they are dealt with immediate response from the support staffs. The call is mainly diverted to expert technicians to provide the best of support services within the shortest time range. Also, support is offered 24/7 time format.

Non-modular software – Yes, these software tools are totally non-modular. There are lots of feature along with additional ones included with the standard versions.

Many people opt for custom feature oriented freight management software tools. While those are better option considering the fact that they fulfill the specific requirements of the clients in the best possible way without much focusing on other unnecessary features.

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