Top 5 Tips for Business Travel

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Traveling for business offers excitement, adventure, and a change from the doldrums of the office. However, it also presents challenges in terms of logistics and maintaining your sanity. Read on for five powerful tips to make business travel a bit more pleasurable.

5. Pick a Hotel Chain You Love

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Choosing a hotel chain means you can expect consistent quality across the brand, regardless of which city you’re visiting. Just be sure to pick a chain that has properties in the locales to which you travel often.

If you like Westin’s Heavenly Beds or the privileges of Marriott’s Gold Lounges, you can look forward to enjoying these amenities every time you travel. In addition, be sure to sign up for the chain’s reward program. Depending on how often you travel, you can earn free stays, points to purchase airline tickets, hotel meal certificates, and other travel perks.

4. Recognize Your Need for Sleep

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Getting as much rest as possible equips you to handle the inevitable bumps that come with business travel. For one thing, avoid red eye flights. Dozing in an airplane seat, even one that reclines, is not a truly restful experience. So, whenever possible book flights that coincide with your normal waking hours.

When you’re at your destination, try to schedule meetings so that they don’t interfere with getting at least seven hours of sleep. If you must meet with someone early, invite them to join you at your hotel for breakfast. That way, you’re not having to wake-up extra early to eat before your meeting. The same strategy works in the evening. Rather than a late night meet-up, suggest working over dinner.

One final suggestion regarding sleep is to avoid caffeine, alcohol, and heavy food at dinner. All of these can have a negative impact on your ability to have a good night’s rest.

3. Find a Reliable Car Rental Service

There’s nothing worse than driving away from the car rental office, and finding out there’s a problem with your car. Choose a rental company with a strong reputation for maintaining its fleet. Also, look for one that offers roadside assistance, if you have any kind of problem or emergency.

2. Get Organized

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Discipline yourself to have a go-to spot for travel documents and your passport. For example, you might decide to keep everything in a special folder with pockets. This way, you’ll never have the pit-in-your-stomach feeling when you can’t locate something essential. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you always put each item and document in the same place.

1. Troubleshoot Delays

If you have a tight connection or fear bad weather may ground your flight, having a travel agent on standby to assist with rebooking can save you hours. Instead of queuing up with the rest of the disgruntled passengers, you’ll make a quick call to your travel agent who will grab you a seat on another flight. Not sure why your flight’s late? Check out the airlines’ cargo websites and click on “Flight Status.” These pages typically offer more detail about why flights are grounded.

Share the best business travel tip you have, and explain how it’s made life on the road a bit better for you.


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