Top Reasons to Work in UAE

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United Arab Emirates, the country of expats, has comparatively high human development index amongst all the Asian nations. A couple of years back the country was ranked 14th amongst the best nations for conducting business activities owing to its string economy and relaxed regulatory environment.  If you are looking for a reason to shift to UAE as your work base here are some.

In 2009, the annual revenue of United Arab Emirates peaked at US$400 billion, a major part of which was contributed due to its exports of natural resources. With a population of just 900,000, the capital city Abu Dhabi was labelled richest city in the world by CNN. Besides, the government is concentrating its efforts on creating a diversified economy and reducing its dependence on oil exports. Industries like tourism, hospitality, finance and real estate have seen appreciable growth in the recent years with more job opportunities than ever. After being hit by the financial crisis in 2009, UAE’s economy has made a commendable recovery riding on the crest of tourism, trade and retail sector.  It has again transformed itself to a very lucrative employment destination. Here are some reasons to work in UAE:

An optimistic economy  

Predications for 2013 seem to be suggesting a reviving recruitment market in dynamic economies such as Kuwait and United Arab Emirates. The economic sentiments in UAE especially are very optimistic and more than 50 percent of the employers are planning to hire new recruits.  The latest figures from a survey conducted by a recruitment agency revealed that by the end of year 67 percent of companies would have new recruits working for them. The top recruiting industries will be banking and finance, oil, gas and petrochemicals and real estate.  Such a utopian state of affairs suggests that working in Middle East is not a bad option at all.


Tax free earnings

UAE is one of those rare countries that don’t need the taxpayer’s money to keep running its economy. Therefore it has the policy of levying zero taxes on the incomes of its residents and this undoubtedly makes it irresistible destination. This has been the primary reason for people to leave their own country and work in a foreign working environment and will continue be the driving force in the future as well. People prefer pursuing employment opportunities in UAE for a contractual period of 10-15 years and from the money they earn they decide to either start a business of their own or live a stress free pensioners’ life. Therefore, whether it is 2013 or any other year, working in Middle East is at least not a bad financial decision.

A novel cultural experience

The maximum of working population of UAE belongs to different nationalities. While most belong to South Asian ethnicities, there are other people belonging to at least 20 different nationalities. Therefore, it will be multi-cultural bonanza of sorts. Without making any efforts on your part you will be getting to know and learn the very details of multiple cultures. Besides, Middle Eastern countries themselves are a treasure of diverse cultural traditions, practices, artifacts and personalities.

Challenging working conditions

There are many who prefer a laidback life and a stable job. UAE is a different cup of tea. If you are one of those who love challenges and are constantly looking for chances to get yourself dirty for the sake of work then Middle Eastern countries will serve as the perfect playground for you. The demanding conditions here draw the best out of an individual, preparing him in the process to face any kind of situation.

Saurabh Tyagi is a career and education counselor who advices professionals on their career choices. He regularly shares his views through articles like these on leading online job site

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