Tracking Employees for a Home Care Business

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Small businesses now have the option to automate most of their processes and procedures for accounting thanks to software solutions that are web-based subscriptions considered Software as a Service (SaaS). Tracking employees in a home care business where employees spend most of their time in different locations can be difficult without great software solutions. These time-tracking, web-based software solutions can integrate or include payroll options for employees as well. Automating these processes can save significant amounts of time and money.Tracking Employees for a Home Care Business Tracking Employees for a Home Care Business

Importance of Time Tracking 

Attendance and time-tracking software essentially tracks employee timesheets electronically and automatically.  The software in this category can vary greatly from smartphone or tablet apps to full suite software solutions depending on your intended use or size of workforce. The best time-tracking software solutions offer smartphone integration for employees to clock in and out while away from office locations with the ability to upload the information automatically and wirelessly through Wi-Fi or Internet connections. If the software does not come with a payroll solution, it should be able to integrate seamlessly with your current accounting and payroll software provider. Without this critical step, the automation of time tracking can be lost. Time-tracking software solutions should also provide management and employees with vacation, sick, and holiday tracking and accrual options. On the management side, the software should provide job costing and estimating solutions, labor regulation management, and employee scheduling services. As a home care franchise, ensuring that your time-tracking software is automated and efficient is critical to the management of your business. 

Accurate Payroll is Essential

When your business is service-focused through labor-intensive activities, you can save a lot of money by making sure that your payroll is accurate. Because the activity is time intensive and accountants and bookkeepers are expensive, sometimes the best solution is to purchase a software service that can automate your payroll and accounting processes. As the most expensive portion of your business payroll, it is necessary for accounting software to meet the extensive demands of a potentially large workforce. Many accounting software options have additional payroll modules that can be added based on either monthly subscriptions or per employee costing. Another option is to find a SaaS that can integrate your current accounting software and provides all the necessary features for payroll and tax accounting for large workforces.

How to Decide?

When searching online for time-tracking and payroll-software solutions, there are literally hundreds of options available. Deciding on the right software solution for your business should focus on a few core necessities. The software solution that you ultimately choose should meet your reporting and automation requirements and integrate easily with your current accounting software. Since there are so many options available, if these core necessities are not met it is better to choose a different solution. Finding a solution that can track employees’ time, effectively meet payroll demands, and provide corporate accounting should be among your top choices for ease of implementation and consistency of processes across all bookkeeping needs.

Choosing the right software solutions for your home care franchise can mean the difference between easy employee management and accounting nightmares.  The key is to find all three components: accounting, payroll, and time-tracking solutions that integrate with each other well and meet your operational requirements.

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