Twitter vs Facebook: Which is the Best for your Business

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Incredibly popular social media websites, both Twitter and Facebook are joined not just by members of the public who want to communicate with their friends and family but also businesses. When a company cannot be found on these social media websites, it’s assumed that it doesn’t exist even if it does have a website managed by a webhost such as


Although companies can have an account on both Twitter and Facebook, it might only prefer to be on either of them. When a company only wants to focus on joining one social media website in particular, it might not be sure what to choose. Here is what we think should be considered so that a company can come to a final decision:


Many items can be viewed on Facebook at once


When a company has various items in its catalogue, individual tweets have to be looked at in order to do so but the opposite applies with Facebook. Photos of every item can be listed in one place but this is difficult on Twitter because an external page has to be clicked on instead. Although information about products can be on both Twitter and Facebook, it is easier with the latter.


Hashtags can be utilised


Hashtags can help any company that is registered on Twitter. When hashtags are searched for, every tweet that has it will appear. If the same phrase is entered onto Facebook, a business’s page might not become evident in search results. When a hashtag starts to trend, many more people can find out about a company due to the fact that it was in a tweet.


Followers of other pages can look at a status update


Even when someone doesn’t follow a company on Facebook, they will be able to read its status update courtesy of a promoted post. For a small fee, a status update can be promoted not just to those who have liked a page but also their friends. If a company has many ‘likes’ and each person who did so has several contacts, its status can be accessed by a considerable number of people. As a profile page can get many more visits as a direct result, its popularity can increase significantly.


Facebook can improve bounce rate


When a website has a high bounce rate, Facebook can improve this situation. If there are particular pages which aren’t visited often, links to them can be posted on Facebook. Analytics are provided by Facebook which shows both the total reach and paid reach. If these pages didn’t reach many people before, the opposite can apply when a link to them is posted on Facebook. If web users come up with suggestions regarding how to improve a page, these are put in the comments section. Consequently, a bounce rate won’t be as high once input from web users has been considered. When there are no detectable faults with a website, profit margins can increase considerably because a website looks very professional.


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