Unique Ways to Recognize Your Employees

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Implementing an employee recognition program in your workplace is a great way to reward outstanding employees. It can help to increase the motivation of your employees and boost productivity levels. While most employers appreciate the service of their employees, day-to-day operations keep them so busy that employee recognition oftentimes gets forgotten. Implementing a special program will help to ensure that your staff is regularly recognized for their hard work and will keep performance and productivity levels up. 

Recognize Your Employees Unique Ways to Recognize Your EmployeesCreating a recognition program is not very difficult and you can even have a little fun with it. Here is a look at some unique and interesting ways to recognize employees in your workplace.

Have a Contest

Everyone loves a contest, even your employees. The added benefit is that you can incorporate a problem that you may be having in the workplace into a contest. For example, if your business is offering a special of the month, but sales still seem to be down you can hold a contest to see which employee can sell the most monthly specials. You will be amazed at how differently your staff is motivated to sell when there is a contest in place. Other contest ideas could be to design a new tagline for the company, highest attendance or safety record, highest number of referrals, or developing a new concept for the workplace.

Awards Ceremony

An awards ceremony can provide a great opportunity to recognize several outstanding employees at one time. Consider linking your awards ceremony to an upcoming national or international event, such as the winter Olympics, the Academy Awards, or the Emmy’s. You can link these events and host your own company awards ceremony. This will let your employees have a little fun with the awards ceremony and allow outstanding employees to be recognized by the entire staff or management team.

Traveling Trophy

Another great idea is to use a traveling trophy. Create some standard of excellence that the trophy represents, such as highest sales or employee of the month. On a weekly or monthly basis, the trophy is given to the winner for that timeframe. This not only recognizes employees consistently throughout the year, but it is always a reminder for your staff to strive for excellence each week. Since the employee is able to keep the trophy in their office or at their workstation, it also allows the top performer to feel appreciated and lets him/her show off their prestigious honor.

Tips for Implementing an Employee Recognition Program

Implementing an awards program in your company is not as difficult as you may think. It does take a little planning, but the rewards will be well worth it. Here are some tips to help you create a great recognition program in your workplace.

  • Set Guidelines. The first step is to set some guidelines for the program. Determine what type of recognition awards you are going to distribute to employees. Medals, plaques and trophies work well because it provides a tangible award to remind the employee of their accomplishment. Also decide on how you will determine which employees are recognized. Will you run a contest, or use performance records, or peer recognition. 
  • Make It Personal. Even though the awards may be based on the same thing each week, month or year, still try to make it personal. Engraved rewards or certificates with the employee’s name on it work great. The idea is to make the specific employee feel special about the award they receive. 
  • Be Consistent. Once you start an employee recognition program in the workplace, it is vital that you keep it going or establish from the beginning a clear end date. Otherwise, some employees will feel slighted and that they were not given a fair opportunity to also be recognized. 

Employee recognition programs can be great and are generally well received by the employees. As long as you have a plan in place from the beginning, things should run smoothly. Listen to feedback from your employees about how the program is operating and make any changes if necessary. Once started it can improve productivity, boost sales and lower your employee turnover rate.

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