Want to Be a Smart Device Tester? Here Are Some Attributes You Must Possess

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Smart Device Tester Want to Be a Smart Device Tester? Here Are Some Attributes You Must PossessIt is very difficult to find someone who is really good at software development.  However, it is perhaps even harder to find a really good software tester. Of course, there is always a smart device tester out there, but actually finding these will take some time and experience. The reality is that a good tester has to have a number of qualities and attitudes. Let’s take a look at five of these qualities, which you can use as a benchmark in terms of finding out whether you are such a person or not.

1 – Your Attitude

Your attitude is always going to determine whether you will successful or not. You must be passionate about what you do, and this will show in your enthusiasm and in your interest for work as well. Those software testers who have been successful and efficient in the past always say they are thorough, tenacious and uncompromising, as well as having a real passion for testing and analysis.

2 – Your Capabilities, Technically and Intellectually

You have to know that you have slightly above average logical and analytical abilities. The world of software is one of complex logic and you have to be able to understand and work on this. Very simply put, you have to be smart. Additionally, you have to really understanding coding, because you will otherwise not be able to understand the system that is actually being tested.

3 – Your Flexibility

You have to be totally willing to learn more and to adapt to different situations. Any software tester who is resistant to change may as well search a different career. You need to always be looking for new courses to follow in order to keep your knowledge up to date, and you should do so without having to be prompted for it. New technology constantly changes, which demonstrates that you cannot let your skills get stagnant.

4 – Your Communication Skills

You have to be an excellent communicator, both verbally and written. You also have to be a real critical listener, who is able to pick up on the things that aren’t being said as well. It is likely that you will be in plenty of meetings and you have to be able to take part in those, giving out messages and explanations on what you have been doing and what your findings are. You will also need to be able to present your finding in good reports.

5 – Your Business Sense

Finally, you need real business sense. You have to understand how the software you are testing fits in with the overall strategy of the company that has hired you. A piece of software may be perfect for a manufacturing environment, for instance, but terrible for a children’s charity. You are not an individual contributor anymore, but rather a part of a full team. Although you generally work on projects only, as a freelance worker, you have to make sure you are part of an integral team during this work.

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