War of the words- printed books vs. eBooks!

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If I say that an apple is better than mango then does that means that mango should be banned? Probably not, for the people who like mangoes they will eat it and those who like apple will prefer apple. There’s no paradox. The reason for being sarcastic was simple, over here by quoting apple and mangoes I simply meant printed books and eBooks respectively.

As we are edging towards the dawn of information driven era and the technologies that are changing the true faces of our life in almost every aspect has transformed almost everything that came in its way. Everything changed so drastically that now we have a slice of almost everything served on a silver platter and that’s what we have been falling bananas over. But there is one phase where we hardly might have thought about was the transformation of books from papers to digital ones. Strange but true!

Whenever there is a comparison quotient between the printed books and the digital books a certain set of myths get activated like a wild metabolism activity. There are people who are airing with the thoughts that the traditional books are on their way to extinction, while for some this is far away from being truthful concept. There are still people who prefer the text books over the digital ones and certainly they will always be the same because of its charisma. So, there lies no concrete conclusion that digital books will take over or not. No matter if the eBooks become more common and widely used form of reference materials, traditional books will still exist.


Are books losing their charisma?


It’s too little good to be honest at times and the fact is the printed books have never lost their charisma. Only an avid book lover knows the satisfaction and relaxation that comes with curling up with a cup of hot coffee and a good book. One can easily get lost in the book with sheer ease and the aroma of pages and that crackling sound while flipping the pages is simply irresistible. But on the other hand it’s almost impossible to get lost in an eBook for the reason is simple- you might be interrupted by some or the other calls, emails and messages and that ultimately breaks your concentration at large. This is for a simple reason why printed books are your sweetest escape from the hectic of turbulent world. There’s something to be said for the convenience of technology. The world is a better place because of technology, in many ways. However, in opinions of many, technology has been bad, as far as the book world goes. Libraries and printed books are slowly being forgotten and it’s a real shame. It’s a trend that will soon change, I hope.

books 297x300 War of the words  printed books vs. eBooks!

Similarly, even the Business & Management relies on the printed references as they stand to be pretty concrete means to depend upon rather than the digital ones that can be easily edited or rephrased. Since our childhood and still now, children of Kindergarten are given books for they are user friendly and they offer everything on silver platter. Whether it is English Teaching or math or simply anything else, it’s just the books that can endeavor to deliver the best on the best outcomes than eBooks. There’s an element of fun that comes along with these books, the joy of making notes on the book itself, which is however impossible to do on eBooks.

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