What Every Successful Taxi Driver Needs

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Come rain or snow, taxi drivers are the lifeline of any highly populated town or city, providing a reliable service which ensures everyone can get home regardless of what time it is or where they are. It’s no wonder then how this beneficial service is a popular career choice, allowing many to pave themselves a successful and enjoyable career. If you want to give it a shot, here are five things that every taxi driver must have in order to be respectable, prosperous and popular amongst their area’s residents:

Local Knowledge

Local knowledge of your area is essential in becoming a successful taxi driver. You need to know your area like the back of your hand. While it’s not advised to use maps or a Sat Navwhen on your shift (the last thing you want customers to think is that you’re clueless and have no idea where you’re going), there’s no reason why on your downtime or during slow periods you can’t use them to learn more about unfamiliar routes and destinations. This is particularly important for those who are not local residents to the area they work in. Having a greater knowledge will definitely pay off in the long run, so it’s important to constantly check your designated area for any new additions or road closures so you don’t get caught out on the job. It’s also recommended that you know about culture of your area, like its restaurants, nightclubs, tourist sites and so on, as many passengers will regard you as an oracle of local knowledge, hence why it’s important to keep track of the goings on in your city.

A Clean Car

It’s a fact, having a cleaner vehicle not only keeps your credibility intact,  but also leads to better tips. Crumbs in the seats and excessive clutter make for an uncomfortable experience, even for the most easy-going of users at 3am in the morning. Having an unclean car therefore not only puts your popularity amongst locals at risk, but also your job if the boss of your taxi fleet company isn’t impressed. Just a simple hoover and window wash a few times a week will make a world of difference for improving your reputation as a respectable taxi driver.

Business Cards

For both independent drivers and those who work for a company, personal business cards are a sure fire way of ensuring that you receive continuous work throughout the year. With most business cards fitting perfectly into slots in purses and wallets, they can help your service attract some regulars. They could also be passed to others, having a positive snowball effect for the popularity of your role as a taxi driver whilst making your shifts busy and more consequently enjoyable.


Whether you insure yourself or whether your employer covers you through taxi fleet insurance, possessing adequate insurance to cover you for all aspects of the job is essential. Driving an unlicensed vehicle is against the law and will led to expensive fines and disqualifications if caught, making it more than likely that you’ll lose your job as a taxi driver as a result. Insurance not only ensures the safety of both yourself and your passengers, but for many insurance companies who offer additional types of cover, for example motor trade insurance, they also offer additional beneficial services across the board which taxi drivers can benefit from. Examples include a 24/7 accident management helpline, or a free replacement vehicle in case yours is damaged or stolen.

A Smile

Believe it or not, the main method for becoming a successful and popular taxi driver is to evidently enjoy your work. If you engage with customers, smile, and have a joke or two, then you’ll go far, with passengers knowing the difference between an outgoing driver who enjoys his job and someone who can’t wait to go home themselves. That’s why if you find yourself dreading your shift rather than enjoying its variety, then maybe taxi driving isn’t the best career option for you.

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