What is Small Business Saturday?

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Small Business Saturday is a shopping holiday that takes place on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving Day.

What is Small Business Saturday What is Small Business Saturday?
It is designed to get shoppers to celebrate and promote small, local businesses. It was conceived and promoted by American Express back in 2010. You have no doubt seen their commercials or heard their radio spots.

As a small business owner it could benefit you to take part in Small Business Saturday. According to a recent Bloomberg Businessweek article, shoppers who have heard of Small Business Saturday spent $5.5 billion last year on that very day.

There are a number of tools on the American Express website that you can use to take part in Small Business Saturday. You can use some of the signage that is available to affiliate your business with all the advertising that American Express is already doing. However, you do not need to be officially affiliated with the company to benefit from this special day.

Make sure you’re set up with dedicated internet access so you can use social media to boost your presence and, in turn, drive sales. There is already a Twitter hashtag in use (#SmallBusinessSaturday) that you can utilize to promote your business. There is also the #ShopSmall hashtag that is being used on both Twitter and Facebook.

By using social media, you can really tell the story of why shopping local is important to all communities. Shoppers should be aware that when they shop local those profits are going right back into the community, thereby making their community better. Let them know that the majority of new jobs in this country are created by small businesses just like yours.

You can also use Small Business Saturday to express yourself and talk about the history of your business. Also, you can explain how your business gives back to the community, which can help humanize your business. Consumers are now interacting with businesses on social media the same way they do with people. Social media experts are calling this the “humanization of logos.”

What is Small Business Saturday  What is Small Business Saturday?

As a local business, you can leverage Small Business Saturday and social media to really reach out and interact with your customers. Consumers are starting to be conditioned to shop locally one Saturday out of the year. It is your job to convert them into customers that will come into your business throughout the rest of the year.

Use this special day to tell your story. This is the one day when the consumer’s attention is turned locally and they are eager to explore and discover great businesses in their own back yard. With a little bit of planning and some social marketing you can really stand out from the crowd and bring in a whole new customer base.

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