Why Should Healthcare Professionals Use Call Center Services

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The combination of the rise in the aging population and the implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act are expected to dramatically increase the demand for health care services. Medical professionals across the country are looking for sound solutions to help their office run smoother and more efficiently in order to prepare for this increased demand. Many healthcare facilities are realizing the numerous benefits of call center services to help outsource some of their office duties. Below is a look at just a few of the benefits that can improve the overall performance of a medical facility. 

Increase Productivity

Chances are that your office staff is already overwhelmed with their current workload, so any increase in demand would have an adverse effect. Call center services can help by taking some of the workload off your staff, such as filtering incoming calls, making necessary outbound calls, answering billing questions, verifying patient eligibility, changing primary care physician (PCP), pharmacy authorization, scheduling appointments, making appointment reminder phone calls, and dispatching emergency calls effectively.

These healthcare solutions can be specialized to meet your facility needs, by creating your own customized scripts and protocols to be followed for each call. You are also able to pick and choose what services you want to outsource and what services your in-house staff will provide. By outsourcing these services, your staff will have more time to dedicate to their other duties, which will increase the overall productivity of the entire office.

Improve Patient Relations

Call center services can also help improve relations between the healthcare staff and the patient. Call centers provide 24/7 call services allowing the patient to talk to someone no matter what time of day it is. The call center professionals can field each call and contact the physician only when there is an after-hours emergency. The call center staff can also answer basic questions about the medical facility, such as hours of operations and directions, schedule appointments and take prescription renewal requests over the phone. The call center professionals are trained in accordance with the HIPAA to protect your medical facility from unnecessary hurdles.

Patients will be pleased that they now have instant access to these services without staying on hold for a long time, or waiting for a staff member to call them back. This also helps to free up the health care staff so they can provide more hands-on service to patients.

Support Profit Growth

Utilizing call center services can also provide cost savings to the healthcare practice by eliminating the need to hire on more staff members in an already crowded office. These effective remote services can provide the additional assistance your staff needs to keep up with the growing demand. The call center can also handle the claims and billing process. Their efficient software can process a high claim volume allowing your office to receive payments quickly and improve the cash flow of the facility.

When looking for a call center service to outsource to, be sure to use a company that has experience working in the health care industry. Since this industry has its own unique requirements and regulations it must follow, it is essential that the service has adequate experience. Also, look for a company that offers both inbound and outbound call center services to help offset your staff’s current workload. You also want to find a service that provide 24/7 coverage and allows you to customize your service to meet your specific demands and regulations.

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